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Summoning Assistance

So there’s just been an accident. What now? Who do you call? It depends…

If you’re wondering who you’re supposed to call after there has been an accident, well, it depends on the circumstances. Before you call anyone, it’s important to make sure that road-users and bystanders are okay.

Summoning assistance after an accident

Help those who need it

If someone is bleeding it’s important to try and stop, or slow down, the blood loss. If a vehicle is on fire it’s also extremely important to get all passengers out of the car.

Warn oncoming traffic

At this point, you should set up a red reflective triangle or a flashing torch in the road if possible.  These should be placed behind and in front of the site of the accident, even if it has happened during the day. It’s also a good idea to turn on the hazard warning lights of the vehicles that have been involved in the accident. This should be good enough to warn oncoming traffic of the obstruction in the road.

When to call the ambulance

You’ll need to call an ambulance if someone has been injured. If someone is unconscious, appears to be injured, or is suffering from shock, then it’s also best if you call the ambulance to assist. The fastest way to reach an ambulance when you need one is to use your cellphone, or the cellphone of a passing motorist to call the South African Ambulance Call Centre at 10177.

When to call the police

You’ll only need to call the police if someone involved in the accident has been badly injured or killed. Another scenario in which you’d need to call the police is if a state vehicle has been involved in the accident.

If you are in an accident, the law advises you to have an independent police record of what happened. In this case, a police officer doesn’t need to take measurements or prepare a diagram or anything – that only happens when police suspect that an offence has been committed. If you do manage to get an independent police record of the accident and you were the party in the right, it’ll help you if things get legal and you end up in a civil case for damages against the other driver.

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