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Mozambique Car Rental

With Mozambique car hire you have the freedom to explore certain parts of the country at your own leisure. Drive in from South Africa for the easiest self-drive Mozambique experience.

Drive South Africa’s Mozambique car hire service offers you the opportunity to discover this country with your South African car rental. Car hire through Drive South Africa ensures cheap car rental rates, allowing you to easily explore this alluring African destination at your leisure.

Through our Mozambique car rental affiliates we are able to offer you a wide range of rental vehicles, all provided by reputable and reliable car rental companies from locations such as the Nelspruit Airport.

Drive South Africa: Car hire Mozambique

Drive South Africa ensures you find the best value car rental deals in Mozambique.

Where can I get Mozambique car rental?

You cannot collect a car rental or return a car rental in Mozambique. None of Southern Africa’s main car rental companies offer this car rental service for Mozambique and pick up and drop off takes place in one of the neighbouring countries.

Can you take a car from a bordering country into Mozambique?

Yes! Your desire to book Mozambique car hire is not dead. You can turn your South Africa car rental into your Mozambique car rental. If you have your heart set on a self-drive holiday in Mozambique, you can always hire a car in South Africa and drive your car rental over the border, enjoy your Mozambique car rental experience and drive it back.

Where is the closest place to pick up a vehicle for car rental Mozambique?

The best place to pick up your vehicle for car rental Mozambique is at Nelspruit Airport also known as the Kruger Mpumalanga Airport (KMIA) in South Africa. You simply fly into South Africa, pick up your booked car rental and go.

Mozambique car rental pick up and drop off points

You will be able to pick up and drop off your car hire vehicle at various points within South Africa, however, Nelspruit Airport or is the easiest point.

[Photo by: F H Mira]

Mozambique car hire insurance information

When hiring a car in South Africa that you are going to be using as your Mozambique car rental, please note that in the event of an accident in Mozambique, there will be an additional excess amount on top of your standard excess sum.

If you have booked your rental with executive cover insurance in South Africa and something happens in Mozambique with your car hire vehicle, your insurance will revert to super cover insurance.

Can my Mozambique car rental be driven anywhere in the country?

It’s best to send us your itinerary, or at least the regions you wish to take the car rental in Mozambique to. From this point we will be able to let you know if it is advisable to take the car to these places. If you wish to use your car rental in Maputo, there isn’t a problem, however when you wish to go to other areas, an issue may arise. It is a better idea to go for Mozambique 4x4 hire if you wish to take your rental into rougher sections of Mozambique; areas that have tougher  terrain.

Mozambique car hire or 4X4 hire?

The question of whether you should go for a Mozambique car hire or 4x4 hire option lies within the reason you wish to travel the country. If you want to venture into the bush and experience wildlife and the tranquility of remote areas on a Mozambique self-drive adventure, then you’ll want to go for a Mozambique 4x4 hire option. In which case you will be able to pick up and drop off your vehicle within Mozambique. If you simply want to explore southern Africa getting around cities and main roads at your own pace, then a Mozambique car rental is the way to go.

Mozambique Border Times

The border between South Africa and Mozambique at Kosi Bay opens at 08h00 and closes at 17h00 daily. It is extremely important to arrive at the border within good time and with the correct documentation so that the needed procedures can be executed before the border crossing closes.

Useful information about driving Mozambique

  • There is a chance that you will be stopped at a police checkpoint at some time. There is nothing to worry about, just follow these basic guidelines:
  • Wear safety belts all the time.
  • Always obey the speed limit, which is 40/50km per hour in towns and  120km per hour on the open road.
  • If you get stopped, you usually have to present your driver's license, 3rd party insurance and road tax. Don't stress, these can all be purchased at the border.
  • If you are towing something, you have to have blue and yellow signs on the front of the vehicle and the back of the trailor.
  • You cannot drive around in Mozambique without these documents; a driver's license, ID books, vehicle registration papers, consent from the owner of car hire agency to drive the vehicle.

Public Holidays

  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • 3 February - Heroes' Day
  • 7 April - Women's Day
  • 1 May - Workers Day
  • 25 June - Independence Day
  • 7 September - Victory Day
  • 25 September - Armed Forces Day
  • 25 December - Family Day

Mozambique borders

  • The various border points in Mozambique are as follows:
  • Ressano Garcia to South Africa: 120 kms from Maputo
  • Namaacha to Swaziland - 80 kms from Maputo
  • Machipanga to Zimbabwe
  • Nyamponda to Zimbabwe
  • Chanida to Zambia
Popular Mozambique Car Hire Locations
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When is the best time to visit Tembe Elephant Park?

Wildlife viewing is best during the drier winter months of may to September. Plant leaves collectively within the park, but as conditions become drier, it recedes and animals cluster on the banks of available water sources. The hide located at the waterhole is particularly busy with animal activity at this time.

The Tembe Elephant Park is a 300 square kilometres reserve between the Zululand and Mozambique. Home to Africa’s largest elephants as well as the smallest antelope - the suni. However, the Big Five also find home here - lions, Leopards, black and white rhino and buffaloes. More than 340 birds bird species and other animal species call this park home.

What are the requirements to rent a car?

You must have 3-year driver’s license and a valid ID.

Can money be deposited into the company’s bank account?

Yes, money can be deposited into the company’s bank account.

Wouldn’t I get a better rental rate if I go directly to the car rental supplier?

Drive South Africa has negotiated discounted rates from all the major suppliers due to our buying power. We are, therefore, able to offer an exceptionally good rate to the consumer along with excellent service and a simple booking process.

Do you offer baby seats with your rental vehicles?

Yes. Please request one at time of reservation to ensure that we have one allocated for you.

This is important over peak season especially when baby seats may be in short supply.

Popular Mozambique Car Hire Locations
A-Z of Mozambique Car Hire Locations
  • Maputo
  • Nampula
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