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Voetspore Amaroks on their way

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The adventurer, Johan Badenhorst and his Voetspore team are yet again on their way to discover the essence of East Africa.

During the month of September they will depart from Cape Agulhas, the most Southern tip of Africa, and travel all through East Africa until they reach Alexandria in Egypt.

Alexandria, Egypt

Above: Alexandria, Egypt is the Voetspore team's destination.

This will be the Voetspore team's 7th African adventure. The previous one was named Voetspore, Casablanca to Cape Town.

"Up to now we have done 140 000 km in the 4x4," says Badenhorst.This Voetspore will be named Voetspore Amarok, due to the three Volkswagen  Amaroks that will be used on the trip. These vehicles should withstand the sandy conditions of countries like Lesotho, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Egypt. It will probably take the team more or less 3 months to reach Egypt's busy centre.

"Before I go travelling I usually ask three question: 'When do we leave?'; 'Which vehicles do we use?' and 'Can I come along'?"says Badenhorst.

That is why Badenhorst actually invites the public to meet him on 3 September at the Cape Agulhas backpackers and do a big stretch with him and his team.

"Voetspore is a about the lifestyle. I want to propagate a travel lifestyle in Africa. I want South Africans to get off the sofa and travel with me into Africa. I want them to see the bright stars and open skies of Africa."

Before each trip Badenhorst does extensive research. His books are always with him in the vehicles. "Sometimes we play it by ear, you can't always plan evertything."

He says that he usually pays no bribes. But in a country like Nigeria they all want a bribe, something like 20c. That isn't much, and I won't make a scene about it."

Badenhorst is the father of two girls and a son. The teams usually like travelling in the direction of home. But this trip will be different because their wheels will spin towards Egypt. There is usually one rule: we try not to drive in the evenings. The evening traffic in Africa is terrible.

During each trip he writes a journal. The previous journal was called: Voetspore - Casablanca tot Kaapstad, 'n dagboek, 'n kookboek, 'n notaboek.

If you can't travel along, buy the book and cook up a storm in your own backyard.

Voetspore: Agulhas tot Alexandria will be screened in March 2012 on SABC2.

Badenhorst and his team will write diary entries on the website You can also watch on Google Earth where they are.

Follow the Voetspore team and discover Africa now and hire a 4x4.

Visiting Southern Africa? Have a look at our vehicle options

Car Hire 4x4 Hire Camper Hire Luxury Car Hire

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35 Responses on this page.Add your own

  1. Gravatar Hijn Tromp says:

    how does Badenhorst have two girls and a daughter?

    Reply to this comment
  2. Gravatar Johannah says:

    This piece was a lifejacket that saved me from drowning.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Gravatar Rina says:

    Voetspore is n ongelooflike program. Dankie julle

    Reply to this comment
  4. Gravatar Sylvester Mokhutshane says:

    ja neh thumbs up mense,dat lyk baie pragtig
    i like ya’ll programs chaps Africa is amazing indeed,next time don’t leave me behind neh !

    Reply to this comment
  5. Gravatar Shakier Cassiem says:

    Great Program cant wait for the Amarok Season to satrt !!

    Reply to this comment
  6. Gravatar arie hulsman says:

    what a program ! what a trip !! whish i could join you guys !!!

    veilige rys & get back safely.

    Reply to this comment
  7. Gravatar Annatjie v Niekerk says:

    Sal graag wil weet of daar miskien “n DVD beskikbaar is oor van jul avonture?

    Reply to this comment
  8. Gravatar Cheréne Pienaar says:

    Hi Annetjie, daar is ‘n DVD beskikbaar. Elke DVD-stel bevat ‘n volle reeks. Gaan loer ‘n bietjie op hul webtuiste!

    Reply to this comment
  9. Gravatar olaotse m says:

    english subtitles pliz

    Reply to this comment
  10. Gravatar dalene-ingham-brown says:

    Hi Olaotse

    Are you referring to the comments?


    Reply to this comment
  11. Gravatar Essie Gerber says:

    Voorspoedige reis en kom veilig terug. En geniet elke oomblik.

    Reply to this comment
  12. Gravatar Essie Gerber says:

    Op hierdie reis na Egipte het Badenhorst se span 2 vreemde diere vlugtig vertoon dit was net voordat hulle moes omdraai vir paspoorte. Die 2 diere het ‘n lyf soos ‘n perd of sebra en is gestreep naastenby soos ‘n sebra maar het dan ‘n baie lang nek en ‘n kop soos ‘n kameelperd. Ek het die selfde diere voorheen gesien wat as uitgestorwe beskou word in Noord America. Sou baie graag weer julle foto wou sien. Voorspoedige reis, en geniet dit.

    Reply to this comment
  13. Gravatar J. Land says:

    A very interesting trip to say the least, we watched on tv, awesome!

    Reply to this comment
  14. Gravatar Morriis Fortune says:

    Why are they leaving in the month of September when, quite frankly, the BEST time to travel across Africa is March ??

    Reply to this comment
  15. Gravatar Clint says:

    Will net een ding weet. ek wil die baie graag probeer. hoeveel in geld waarde sal ek moet inbele as ek alles self wil doen in twee voertye

    Reply to this comment
  16. Gravatar fayaad crouch says:

    Hi johan ek’t nog nooit buite die grense van ons land gerys nie.Voetspore bied ons die geleendheid om afrika in al haar glorie te sien.ek’s in die brandweer vir die laaste 23 jaar en as moslem is dit my droom om die jaarlikse pelgrimstog te voertuig na die heilige stad mee te maak.hoop u sal dit in u hart vind om ‘n ‘arm’ brandweerman se lewens droom eendag te bewaarheid.dankie ons geniet die program voorwaar.groete fayaad,Richardsbaai (

    Reply to this comment
  17. Gravatar Bianca van der Bergh says:

    Hi Morriis
    There’s no best time to travel to Africa as it is a great destination to visit all year round.
    If you’re planning to go on safari in Africa, then May to September is usually the best time to go, because the grass is low and animals can be easily spotted.
    Have a lovely day.

    Reply to this comment
  18. Gravatar Mavis Knight says:

    As an Anglisised Afrikaaner this programme is fantastic. While I can understand the language my husband who is British has a problem. The sub titles are too feint to read properly. Has this programme ever been translated into English? I feel that It would be received favourably anywhere in the world. We never miss it. Good work guys!!

    Reply to this comment
  19. Gravatar Marius le Roux says:

    Ek wil graag die volledige Voetspoor- reekse (DVD) bekom. Is daar afslag en v Sie kontak en?

    Reply to this comment
  20. Gravatar Marius le Roux says:

    Ek wil graag die volledige Voetspoor- reekse (DVD) bekom. Is daar afslag en v wie kontak ek?

    Reply to this comment
  21. Gravatar Elize Meyer says:

    Where did the team overnight in the village of Rhodes. Have to go and see the place seems to be beautiful!

    Reply to this comment
  22. Gravatar Elize Meyer says:

    Where did the team overnight in the village of Rhodes. Have to go and see the place seems to be beautiful!

    Reply to this comment
  23. Gravatar GP says:

    Very exciting programme indeed. It was so so horrifing to see the human scals in Rwanda.What a shame- a serious kilings by fellow Africans bloody heartless people.

    Reply to this comment
  24. Gravatar Sindisiwe Khumalo says:

    The programme is fantastic. is it possible to repeat the programme on Saturdays.

    Reply to this comment
  25. Gravatar Anly Rousseau says:

    Kindly advise whether the Amaroks on their way DVD is on sale

    Reply to this comment
  26. Gravatar Steph Wallis says:

    Please do something about your shocking sub-titles, unreadable!

    Reply to this comment
    1. Gravatar Asanda says:

      Hi Steph

      Thank you for visiting Drive South Africa. Here is the link to the website of the show:  AND
      We are merely a rental company and from time to time we love to publish articles that interest our clients.

      We hope this helps.

      Thank you.

      Warm Regards,

      Reply to this comment
  27. Gravatar Ashraff Seedat says:

    How much does it cost and what do u need? To do one of your trips. I wish to go on a drive like u, do u have a map with directions and places to stop over? Ashraff Seedat(archie)

    Pls if u can help!!!

    Reply to this comment
    1. Gravatar Asanda says:

      Hi Archie

      Thank you for visiting our website. The link to the website of the show is below:  and you can contact them on: for more information.

      We are merely a car rental company and from time to time we love to publish articles that interest our clients.

      All the best with the preps and I really hope this help you.

      Thank you.

      Warm Regards,

      Reply to this comment
  28. Gravatar Thatayotlhe Monyaku says:

    We love watching voetspore, but we would like you to return the english subtitles please, as we dont understand afrikans.

    Reply to this comment
    1. Gravatar Asanda says:

      Hello Thatayotlhe

      Our article is in English. Which subtitles are you making reference to? Please advise.

      Have a fantastic day.

      Reply to this comment
  29. Gravatar Nazeem Abdullah says:

    Hi want to buy me an amarok 4 notion bakkie 4x4 I have seen what it does on your program (voetspoor ) I got a lot if bad vibe from other hilux and Isuzu owners and dealers I currently drive and usuzu I do a lot of off-road mostly on sandy dunes
    Please can u advise ( love the vehicle though)

    Reply to this comment
    1. Gravatar Akhona Siyolo says:

      Good day Nazeem

      Thanks for your enquiry. Here is a page you can visit for more information on your vehicle choice: or contact:

      Should you require more information, you can email our 4x4 expert Trevor directly on:

      Have an awesome day.

      Reply to this comment
  30. Gravatar moses mvimbeli says:

    ja mense dit is baie pragtige, ek will saam met julle ry mense. altyd as ek kyk foet spore my hart word seer want ek will julle moet my saam vat as julle Afrika loop asseblief manne.

    Reply to this comment
  31. Gravatar SHIRLEY MORGAN says:


    Reply to this comment

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