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Top Gear Magazine for South Africa

Don’t fear, Top Gear Mag is near

Jeremy Clarkson, along with the other two car TV muskateers as well as their super cool cars and shenanigans will soon be on your coffee table. Following a license agreement between Media24 Magazines and BBC Magazines, the South African edition of Top Gear Magazine, a print extension to the ever so popular television programme, will hit the shops late October.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May  from Top Gear have become part of many South Africans’ Sunday night agendas. These three motoring hero’s will contribute monthly columns and features and rotate the Editor’s letter between them. Even The Stig’s driving talents will be put to the test in this fun filled and informative mag.

Jeremy Clarkson

Above: Jeremy Clarkson will occasionaly write the Editor's note of Top Gear South Africa.

According to Media24 Magazines CEO John Relihan this is not only a considerable boost for their own automotive offering, but will offer both readers and advertisers a wider choice on a level not currently available in the local market. “Top Gear is the biggest motoring media brand in the world. We’re very excited about working with BBC Magazines in bringing this highly enriched experience in motoring magazine journalism to South Africa,” John said.

Joanna Marshall, head of International Licensing and Syndication at BBC Magazines, is equally proud of the launch. “For us, Top Gear South Africa is a major milestone as it marks the 27th published licensed edition, with the title available in over 50 territories across the world and the television programme broadcast in more than 170 countries.

Top Gear SA will be edited by Pierre Steyn, former editor of topCar, the other automotive title in Media24’s portfolio. “What’s not to love about the highly entertaining mavericks of motoring journalism? The very unique content mix, irreverence and unpretentious tone of voice transcend all cultural and geographical barriers” Pierre said as he commented on the huge popularity of the television programme amongst South Africans.

“The magazine also delivers on this brand promise, with careful attention to not simply repeating TV content.”

 Charlene Beukes, general manager: Lifestyle Magazines at Media24, stressed a very clear distinction between the positioning of these SA’s two car mags in her portfolio. “Whereas Top Gear is motoring entertainment in overdrive, topCar is the consumer champion that brings an independent and comparative view on models in the showroom to readers, packaged as a really good read.”

 The November launch issue of Top Gear South Africa will be available nationally at a cover price of R29,95.

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Cheréne Pienaar

Cheréne Pienaar Title: Blog Contributor
Affiliation: Drive South Africa Blog

Born and bred in Bloemfontein, this Free state gal is an obsessive reader and hiker and loves discovering... all the time. As an e-marketing assistant and copywriter she believes social media is the future and plans to conquer Africa one word at a time.

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4 Responses on this page.Add your own

  1. Gravatar Thato Moiiloa says:

    If I’m interested in working for the Top Gear Mag- South Africa. How does one apply for a vacancy?

    Reply to this comment
  2. Gravatar Val Cuzen says:

    Is it possible to have the magazine delivered by post to a home address in Jhb?

    Reply to this comment
  3. Gravatar Pieter Henning says:

    I was overjoyed when I saw a South Afrfican issue of my favourite magazine for sale for the first time:

    Finally, the average South African would be exposed to non-biased quality jounalism and the informative articles and reporting for which I have considered Top Gear UK to be ranked among the best published content  available!

    Unfortunately I was sorely mistaken - now I understand why journalism is not exactly regarded as the most desirable professions in South Africa, even though we do expect a ceertain level of professional quality writing when you pay for any form of leisure writing:

    Top Gear SA  have disappointingly turned out to be the exact reason why I cancelled my subscription ot the largest motoring journal in South Africa 3 years ago and have reverted to paying a substantially larger amount to international UK edition of this revered magazine.

    My sentiment of my iinitial exposure to our local Top Gear relates to two articles within the debut edition: 

    Firstly the article whereOwens receive a verdict regarding the facelifted Toyota Fortuner::
    Now please be clear that I am not oblivious to the excellent qualities of the  Toyota, especially it’s well-known reliability and off road capabilities.
    The un’fortunate’ truth is unfortunately that the latest rendition of Toyotas “pick-up with the enclosed lid” is nothing more than a tarted-up version of the previous generation, with added pseudo-chrome/alloy bling obviously aimed towards a less conscientious buyers-market, in a third world setting

    Then, I ask, why on Gods green earth would you even consider giving it the equivalent rating as some of the greatest cars ever built in the history of mankind! (8/10 for a Top Gear rating is far above average)

    This could only attest to the lack of maturity from a country unwilling to criticize the well-known large car brands or bias from a newly established local version of a magazine known for being the exact opposite of brand narrow-mindedness, especially towards Toyota!
    Really people the Fortuner might survive nuclear fallout, but you will invariably prematurely die from the toxicity from theinteriors cheap plastic or the supremely shit handling for which all Hiliux variants are notoriously known.

    Secondly I would like to comment on the piss-poor article written in the slot normally reserved for either Paul Horrel or Pat Devereaux.
    In this article a pre-pubescent Newt of a journalist will argue his case for calling the Corsa Lite the greatest car ever made- obviously spurred by some subconscious version of the Oedipus complex highlighted by the fact that his mother used to transport him in this pitiful means.

    Now - this highlights two very large problems:

    Firstly - I know that being a motoring journalist in one of the sub-Saharan nations is clearly not one of the most lucrative careers you could pursue. Especially in a nation centered on survival and self enrichment (such as South Africa). 

    But honestly,
    I am not going to spend money on something that I could have written in my spare time without any professional training, really I am sure that if you publish the articles form the two above-mentioned UK journalists you would give your readers much greater satisfaction than the trash that they were exposed to in the debut edition!

    Secondly, the Corsa Lite is an excellent car within its segment but it is NOT worthy of being mentioned close to the one of the greatest cars ever built - much to the same notion in which Jeremy plays down the value of the VW Beatle:

    Just because every second baby-boom love child were conceived in the back seat of a Beatle in some weird Kama Sutra distortion it does not make it the worlds best car,
    The same goes for the pre-pubescent fantasy of the author regarding the Corsa Lite - it lacks the basic safety necessities such as ABS and Air bags, it does not even have power steering or air con - do not fool yourself, just because it is cheap, it does not make it good!

    Now why would I spend my time criticizing the local edition of one of the best magazines ever printed?

    Because this could have been the first opportunity in which South African Consumers could have been exposed to an honest opinion in ANY product that is not brand-biased and of good quality,
    Instead we are left with a poorly-edited uneducated piece of crap that puts a shame on the proud face of Top Gear

    With the release of the local Top Gear magazine the editorial staff at CAR magazine must have trembled with the notion of unemployment and updated their CV’S in fear,
    Luckily for them, after reading the first edition of TG SA, all of the myths threatening their livelihood should have been expelled-

    You see, Top GearSouth Africa, we already have a boring brand-biased CAR magazine that is of an excellent standard. ( think the equivalent of 5th gear on the tele)

    Now you were suppose to give us the local equivalent of the internationalproduct that Top Gear has been known for - instead you have been found wanting, and even more so,  you have failed our country.

    Top Gear South Africa is a shame to the brand name and much more so a shame to our South Africa. Luckily the UKedition of my favourite magazine is still electronically available on Zinio and distributed in print by RNA.

    I appeal to my fellow South Africans - do not support mediocrity

    Reply to this comment
  4. Gravatar Ernest says:

    Kindly check your fuel consumption with your range. It does not make sense! (January issue)

    Reply to this comment

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