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Top 5 Weirdest Cars in The World

We’ve all seen them. They pass us in the street. They crop up in blogs, magazines and episodes of Top Gear. They’re cars that make us go WTF*!

Hand picked by us, here are the Top 5 Most Unusual Cars:

What on earth is this car supposed to be? Right now it looks like one thing. Actually it looks like two things. Either it’s a giant turd harbouring undigested peanuts, or it’s a giant turd harbouring undigested peanuts trying to hide inside a lettuce and tomato sandwich. I just don’t get it.

My eyeballs are insulted. Why would someone do this to a car? Why would someone even buy this car? The Pokemon target market is children between the ages of 7 and 14. Pointless seeing as the youngest legal driving age in the world is 15, in Mexico… and even those kids would rather buy tequila instead of a Pokemon car. I imagine this is a ‘soccer mommy’ kind of car, driven by parents who don’t mind if their kids draw on the walls or put bubblegum in the dog’s fur.

There is supposed to be a car in the above photo, but I just can’t spot it. I’m too busy being mesmerized by something shiny in the middle of the picture. Diamonds. Shiny. Pretty shiny. *dribble-dribble*

This has to be one of the weirdest cars I've seen! It looks like something that came out of a 5-year-old’s nose, was rolled into a ball and flicked onto the pavement for an unsuspecting stranger to stand on. Surely you don’t actually drive this object. Surely not.

Now this is what I’m talking about! Move over Bat-mobile, there’s a new kid in town! Even though this car is merely a 3D design brushed into being by 3D desginer Radarhead, our new-age technology whizz-heads have come up with technology that can create real life stuff from computer generated images; making 0 to 100 in 0.5 days. Just one question. Does it come in black?

Come across any weird, wonderful or outrageous cars that deserve to be on the list of the weirdest cars in the world? Share! Place your link and car comment in the comment box below.

*WTF: an abbreviation meaning ‘what the heck’.

Dalene Ingham-Brown

Dalene Ingham-Brown Title: Blog Contributor
Affiliation: Drive South Africa Blog

Passionate about travel, social media and making lists, Dalene is on a mission to nurture her love for camping in South Africa.

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2 Responses on this page.Add your own

  1. Gravatar william says:

    My favourite is the Pokemon vehicle. Although the target market was 7-14 a few years ago, there is still a huge following in Japan.

    The Bat-mobile is highly unlikely to be happen. It looks more like a micro machine car than anything else.

    Lets have more weird cars South Africa!

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  2. Gravatar Gregory says:

    This is funny,some of the cars have never seen them.i doubt if some exist in the contemporary world.

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