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Top 10 Car Websites in South Africa

If it packs va-va-voom, then it's on this list. These top ten car blogs and websites in South Africa bring you the latest in motoring news and reviews, tips and tricks.

Landing themselves in various different categories, here is a quick list of our pick for the most informative, helpful websites around.

  1. Car Mag
  2. Wheels 24
  3. SA Car Fan
  4. TopCar
  5. Autocirca
  6. Leisure Wheels
  7. AA
  8. Popular Mechanics
  9. Autoworld
  10. Cars

News and Reviews

Car Mag

Car Mag is the cool son of the Car magazine print title that was born in 1957. The Car Mag blog's updates offer candid, personal views on all things motoring. Why's this site greater than great? Well, it allows you to submit your own articles to its online community, and even has a mobile version to make handheld browsing a breeze. That's neat. Without a doubt, one of the best South African car blogs.


Wheels24's slogan is Motoring News. First, and that's exactly what they provide. Falling under the Media24 umbrella, Wheels24 diligently brings its interactive audience daily updates on everything from news releases to the glitz and glam of motor shows.

SA Car Fan

SA Car Fan brings you the latest motoring news daily, as promised. Its fresh news and down to earth reviews give its readership what they're looking for: honesty. Other updates introduce the newest car models on the market while their website video channel hosts an entertaining collection of motoring gems.


TopCar brings readers the freshest news and motoring nuggets from the relm of motorsport, first drives and road tests. What makes this one of the coolest car blogs in South Africa? Each car that has been road tested gives readers the opportunity to contribute their ranking of the vehicle by use of a five-tier star rating system. It's a brilliant way to get a fair overview of showcased vehicles.


Motoring journalist Ray Leathern is a proud member of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists (SAGMJ), and manages his own website, Autocirca. Featured in almost every motoring publication under the South African sun, Ray's first drive reviews are not to be missed. Always managing to bring the fast paced world of motoring to readers in a passion filled, entertaining and simplistic way, Autocirca gets the quirky award.


Leisure Wheels

Calling all serious off-roaders, adventureres, outdoorsy people and nature lovers. Leisure Wheels brings you off the beaten track adventures with its focus on 4x4's and exciting southern Africa destinations. The best car blog South Africa offers in its genre.


Our trusted friend, AA, pioneered roadside assistance in South Africa and now they bring us their expert advice. The website's pool of motoring and travel tips are hugely informative and make for easy reading. Their calculators and tools deserve a high-five; they really do their part in making it easier to plan road trips.

Technology, Design and Features

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics. Popular offline, popular online. As is expected, the website blog brings readers the most exciting science and technology breakthroughs of the century, as well as the latest news on everything with wheels... and more.



When you're in the e-commerce trade of new and used cars, there's no better way to add value for your users than to provide them with a constant stream of motoring news and reviews. Autoworld gives those looking to buy vehicles the latest industry news for juicy reading in between picking their dream car.


Cars is another e-commerce site successfully adding value to those who end up on their website. Apart from the updated motoring, transport, road closure and regular industry related news, the website also offers informative articles that help you through the different stages of buying a car.

These are our pick of the top 10 car blogs in South Africa. Did we miss an outstanding one? Comment below and let us know.

Dalene Ingham-Brown

Dalene Ingham-Brown Title: Blog Contributor
Affiliation: Drive South Africa Blog

Passionate about travel, social media and making lists, Dalene is on a mission to nurture her love for camping in South Africa.

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15 Responses on this page.Add your own

  1. Gravatar Matt says:

    Not really a list of BLOGS is it? Of your Top 10, at least 8 are not blogs. Only SA Car Fan and Autocirca are blogs.

    Maybe different title of “Top 10 Car Websites” would be better

    Reply to this comment
  2. Gravatar dalene-ingham-brown says:

    You’re totally right Matt!

    Reply to this comment
  3. Gravatar Gregory says:

    thank you for the information.keep it up.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Gravatar Motorman says:

    Another great car blog is Check it out.

    Reply to this comment
  5. Gravatar david says:

    Hi Dalene,

    thanks for the list. Always nice to know from where to get more car related information.
    If I may be so bold as to mention a fairly new website that a friend of mine and I have launched - - it too is car related. So far it has a lot of great tips on car insurance (useful tips and new info ), learner’s license and other useful tips and within 2-3 weeks it will have also have a car review section so that people can read what others have to say about a certain model before they buy it. We are also working on a classifieds boards so that people can list their second hand cars on the board for free.
    If you take a look and like it, then a brief mention would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks!

    Reply to this comment
  6. Gravatar Zakaria Desai says:

    Thanks - nice list to keep handy for anyone interested in staying abreast with the local motoring world.

    Reply to this comment
  7. Gravatar Wallace says:

    Thank you. Very useful.

    Reply to this comment
  8. Gravatar Werner says:

    Thanks for this information.  We already link to Carmag’s RSS Feed and really think it’s a wonderful source of information.

    Also see our our own website

    Reply to this comment
    1. Gravatar Asanda says:

      Hi Werner

      Thank you for visiting and we are glad you find the information useful.

      Best Regards,

      Reply to this comment
  9. Gravatar James says:

    Thanks for sharing this list, I am a big fan of cars and with this I keep myself updated with the latest ongoing on automobiles world.

    Reply to this comment
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  12. Gravatar jadon sahadew says:

    There’s a new car website on the market , the design is awesome and the site is ad free. - give it a try

    Reply to this comment
  13. Gravatar Niven Naidoo says:

    I’ve tried this site before , excellent placed to find a certified pre-owned car

    Reply to this comment
  14. Gravatar Jere says:

    This one is new in SA, but is very useful:

    Reply to this comment

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