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Self-drive Mozambique

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A sea of tarmac stretched out before you; nothing but the wind in your hair, the open road and an adventure lust urging you onward. So begins your self-drive journey into the heart of mystical Mozambique, after all, exploring territories on your own terms is bound to be memorable.

Self-drive in Mozambique
Photo By Antonio Klaus Kaarsberh

So, what makes a Mozambique self-drive trip so special?

Apart from the serene surrounds of oceanic beauty that makes up Mozambique, a self-drive allows for the freedom of no time constraints (besides your own), leaving enough room for you and your adventure buddies to explore the vast offerings of Mozambique.

Self-drive in Mozambique, not for the feint of heart
Photo By Hannes Jansen van Rensberg

Things you need to remember on your self-drive in Mozambique

1. Do NOT venture off the newly restored and built roads, as there are still many active landmines scattered throughout Mozambique, remnants of many years of unrest due to civil war in the country.

2. A self-drive basically entails hiring a vehicle and driving it (without the aid of a driver or guide). Visitors tend to hire 4x4s in South Africa; however one should expect to pay vehicle fees when crossing the borders into Mozambique.

3. Take note that some Mozambique police officials make it a habit to fine drivers for   seemingly trivial reasons, resulting in hefty traffic fines.

Self-drive in the Trans-frontier Conservation Park in Mozambique
Photo By Eleanor Muller

Mozambique is fast becoming a hub for self-drive enthusiasts, and this can be due in large to the improvements done to road infrastructure in the country. After years of war-fuelled destruction, Mozambique has in the recent few years begun its ascent back into a tourist destination of choice.

A negative side-effect to the influx of self-drivers into Mozambique is the fact that the terrain surrounds of Mozambique are under constant threat of being damaged, as many drivers choose to ignore the fact that beach driving is illegal in Mozambique. The result of this has been the destruction of turtle nesting grounds, as well as the modification of dolphin behaviour in the surrounds.

Destructive path of self-drive trips
Photo By Craig Pitchers

Always keep in mind that any terrain visited by 4x4 on a self-drive journey should be maintained, and the philosophy of leaving an area as one found it is a big must when on a self-drive trip in Mozambique.

Visiting Southern Africa? Have a look at our vehicle options

Car Hire 4x4 Hire Camper Hire Luxury Car Hire

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  1. Gravatar stefano says:

    hi nice experience!

    do you know any safe place to leave car for several months around maputo area?

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  2. Gravatar Jo Charnock says:

    Hi, we’re planning to drive from SA through Mozambique to Tanzania next month. Getting information for this route is proving to be very thin on the ground. Any route suggestions or advice?

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