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MozCation is coming to Cape Town!

The web's hottest brand in SEO intelligence, SEOMoz, asked the world to nominate their city for the next Moz Meetup (MozCation).

Not prepared to miss out on the opportunity to get the guru's to Cape Town, Drive South Africa and ROI Media decided to serve a 'Bring MozCation to Cape Town' campaign and put the ball in SEOMoz's court.

The campaign was made up of a video, infographic and Twitter sprint aimed at getting the brains at SEOMoz to notice Cape Town standing out from all the other great potential cities around the globe. In the video, eight main reasons for MozCation coming to Cape Town were presented... on an iPad. The quirky infographic supported the video, and the Twitter sprint saw a flood of tweets hitting the web, targeting tweet-masters who both love SEOMoz, and Cape Town.

After releasing the campaign on Twitter it was met by many supporter's eager finger tips which meant wide spread sharing in the form of retweeting the campaign. This online buzz drove traffic to the MozCapeTown campaign website and grabbed the attention of SEOMoz. The urge for MozCation to be held in Cape Town had many eager Mother City geeks holding their breath, until SEOMoz finally announced the winners...


Out of the 18 top nominations, SEOMoz decided to pick three cities to visit instead of the originally agreed upon, two.

Cities to be visited on MozCation 2012:

1. Milwaukee, WESTconsin

2. Portsmith, New Hampshire

3. Cape Town, South Africa

MozCation is coming to Cape Town!

Who is SEOmoz?

SEOmoz is a Seattle based company that develops SEO software, and has the world’s largest SEO community. In other words – they are one of the world’s largest influencers of online marketing strategists, web developers, web designers and bloggers. In their words: “Largest party of SEO geeks in the universe: We have the Internet's most vibrant SEO community with over 250,000 members willing to discuss and share the latest news about what works and what doesn't. We love highlighting the expertise of our community through YOUmoz, Q&A, SEO Jobs Marketplace, and our Daily SEO Blog.” - more info about SEO

What is the SEOmoz Family MozCation?

“The Family MozCation is a way for us to get out on the road and meet the amazing people in our community. While we still plan on having other meetups now and then, we wanted the people to give us ideas and help us choose where we should go. Just because you live in a small city, doesn't mean you don't have a chance!” – more info about MozCation.

If you need to hire a specific vehicle during your trip to Cape Town then here are some options below;

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