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Meet Maureen Murray Makings from our Facebook community

Visiting Southern Africa? Have a look at our vehicle options

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Maureen Murray Makings has won one of three copies of MapStudio's Southern & East Africa Road Atlas with Drive South Africa last month. We get to know her better in this interview below.

Maureen Makings
Maureen Murray Makings

Drive South Africa: Tell us a joke, any joke.

Maureen: My memory is like swiss cheese - full of holes - I can't even think of a joke let alone a favourite one :)

Drive South Africa: If you had to go on a road trip and needed to fit your whole family (and their luggage) into one vehicle, what type of vehicle would you need?

Maureen: I'd need a Land Rover.

Drive South Africa: When you’re on holiday, what is the one thing you wouldn’t want to leave at home?

Maureen: My camera.

Drive South Africa: What’s your favourite road trip song?

MaureenI'm leaving on a jet plane...

Drive South Africa: What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

Maureen: I'd have to say the Okavango Delta.

Drive South Africa: GPS or map?


Drive South Africa: Camping or glamping?

Maureen: Camping... not glamping.

Drive South Africa: On a road trip, do you prefer driving or being a passenger?


Drive South Africa: A holiday at the beach or a holiday at the river?

Maureen: I would have to say the beach.

Drive South Africa: If there was a donkey in the road in front of you, what would you do?

Maureen: I would stop and take a photo.

Drive South Africa: How long does it take you to pitch a tent?

Maureen: Three minutes.

Drive South Africa: If you had to pick one famous person to take on a road trip with you, who would it be and why?

Maureen: Matthew McConaughey - he loves to camp.

Drive South Africa: What are the ingredients for your favourite potjie?

Maureen: Beef, beef and more beef.

Visiting Southern Africa? Have a look at our vehicle options

Car Hire 4x4 Hire Camper Hire Luxury Car Hire

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