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I Do Africa - They sent us to Nam

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Since we've left, the route we are taking has changed about three times. Instead of just heading straight to Zambia through Zimbabwe, we took a detour to Botswana which has now lead us to Nam ... Namibia!

Botswana was stunning. We spent some time drinking with the locals in Francistown, got treated to a free bed an meals by the North Gate Lodge in Nata, saw the salt pans, got chased by elephants on  our way to Kasane and then braved the Chobe, where we were warned about “hungry lions”.

Above: we loved walking on the vast salt pans. 

 In Francistown we relaxed after a long, hard trip there. We celebrated our “two weeks as married couple” by going out, eating very oily shebeen-steaks, drinking beer and chatting to the locals at a drinking hotspot in the city

Above: Hanging with the locals in Francistown.

 We left for Nata not really knowing what to expect, but got a huge, and welcome, surprise. The managers of the stunning North Gate Lodge in town took us in and treated us like family. They gave us a room, fed us with the most delectable meals, took us to see the stunning salt pans and introduced us to the Nata Aids and Orphan trust.

Above: The people living with HIV/AIDS really touched my heart.

 Personally this was a heavy day as we spend some time with people living with HIV/AIDS and the suffering of these children, the poverty they live in and their hunger, struck a cord with me.

 We had to move on though and instead of going to Maun as planned, more complementary accommodation was arranged for us, this time in Kasane.

 Getting there was a blast! We drove through elephant country, and watched them from the bike, vulnerable and a bit scared. All was well until a spirited bull decided to have some fun with us. If you ever want to see a scene, try to imagine two people on and overloaded delivery bike trying to out-ride an elephant!!

Above: a spirited bull decided to have some fun with us.

 But, we made it and proved that Big Boy is faster than an elephant.

 We spent some time in Kasane before braving the Chobe Park to get to Namibia. The plan is to drive to the top of the delta in Botswana through Nam and then go to Zambia.

The waters of the Chobe River had a rejuvinating effect on us.

 The transit route through Chobe is known for having elephant on the road, but this time we were warned also about lions... “weery hungrrry lions” at that.

 For a while we considered finding another route but a man named Moses came along and allowed us to follow his vehicle – just in case. And, without incident we made it into Namibia!!

 Today we are heading to Congola – and, always in search of adventure, we decided that I will take a local taxi and Guillaume will follow with the bike. This way I can mingle with the locals and hopefully have a lot of fun while Guillaume can have a comfortable ride for once.


Above: We decided that I will take a local taxi and Guillaume will follow with the bike.

I'll tell you all about it soon!

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Visiting Southern Africa? Have a look at our vehicle options

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