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I do Africa - A practice run

We have the new bike, but there is a bit more to it than just having it. We now have to get used to it, ride it in, revamp it and push it to see where its limits are. So we took it on its "maiden voyage" -  the first long distance trip to a wonderful place called Tonteldoos close to Dullstroom in Mpumalanga.

For a test drive Mpumalanga is one of the best places to travel in Africa

The 280 km ride took us about 4 hours and we made some friends along the way. They warned us to not try out one of their bikes, as we will then realise the full extent of the punishment we are putting ourselves through. It was tempting but we prevailed!:

Just outside Dullstroom we hit the lucky 777 km mark, the first of many milestones yet to come:

You won't be able to tell but the trip was for more than just fun and we got the following stats:

Cost of petrol:  R250 / 600 km or  R420 / 1000km

Average speed:  105km/h

Maximum speed: 130 km/h

We also discovered a couple of things regarding our new stallion:

1. Initially it's murder on your bum but eventually everything just goes numb.

2. This bike is impressive. We reached 130km/h (downhill) and if we didn't stop so often we would have made the trip in 3 hours.

3. Stop often!

4. Gravel roads aren't ideal, which poses a problem in Africa. The bike can handle it but will need a good cleaning after.

5. Cow's are bastards, another thing we might encounter often, so we need a better hooter:

6. We have a lot of getting used to do. A day later, everything hurts. Back, bum, arms... but it is worth every ache. But if we want to travel to the best places in Africa, a sore bum is a small price to pay. 

We are T-6 weeks!

Dorette Marais

Dorette Marais Title: Blog Contributor
Affiliation: Drive South Africa Blog Dorette Marais has a degree in journalism and a postgraduate degree in media. As a child she lived in the Kruger National Park, ran away to Spain for a gap year and dabbled with the idea academics before she braved the world of online media. After a couple of years working for publications like Pasella, Nuus24 and Beeld she decided to leave everything behind to fulfil a lifelong dream of travelling Africa for an extended period of time. This journey will also be her honeymoon, a recipe for interesting stories and events.
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  1. Gravatar Lientjie Nel says:

    It is the day before Dorette and Gillaume leaves on their year long trip and I find myself very emotional.  Partly because I can not be there in person to wave them goodbey, but mostly because I am so damn proud of them! I admire the fact that they are willing to live their dream and take on the suprises that live has in store for them.  As newly weds I believe that Africa will provide them with the space and time to get to know each other intimately, find themselves again and finding the gap to look into each other’s souls.  Wow - what an amazing opportunity!  Cheers sis and swarrie!

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