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After dealing with another happy client, Judd Lehmkuhl hangs up, sits back and smiles. His job is done.

For Judd, a satisfied client is of utmost importance, and he (literally) won’t rest until his client’s car rental needs are met. This born Durbanite sometimes skips sleep altogether and chooses to work right through until the sun rises. “I would maybe sleep for about two hours and head off to work. I find it easier to work at night or early morning hours,” he says.

Although a lack of sleep is the winning recipe for a moody colleague, it is almost hard to imagine Judd not smiling, as the rest of the Drive South Africa team would agree.

For this night owl regular positive feedback from customers is almost as usual as a sunny day in South Africa.

That Judd enjoys working with people is as clear as daylight.

Judd's recipe for success?  "To be myself, friendly and try my best for each and every client. I believe if you are friendly and you really do try your best, you can't really have an upset client, even when things go wrong with the rental." 


Above: Out of the office, Judd has a passion for two things; riding a bike and the open road. Photo by: Provided

It took a few detours

It took a few detours for Judd to realise he wants to work with people. “After I matriculated in Johannesburg I worked as a mechanic for two months. I didn’t enjoy it at all, then lived in a dorm in Manchester, just for the heck of it." 

"I came back and worked as a travel agent in Johannesburg… for six years.”

Turning point

One day Judd's life took a 180 and everything changed in a flash

Being an avid biker, Judd crashed into a BMW at 140km an hour. “A drunk driver was doing a u-turn across a five lane main road. Both guys in the car were arrested on the spot. Apparently they couldn’t even walk. They were WAY over the limit.”

Thanks to his full protective gear he had no serious injuries. 

A new beginning

When he walked out of the hospital after a week, Judd decided to pack up his life and move to the Mother City. "My outlook on life totally changed." Two years later Judd has no regrets, glad that he made the impulsive shift.

Judd sees himself as an ambassador for road safety. "Don't drink and drive, and wear protective gear at all times".  

In his off time Judd is consumed with anything that has to do with the outdoors, adventure and music festivals. His favourite vehicle is a bike. “A Ducati 996 or Yamaha R1 (1998 Model)… if it has to be a car, a BMW 6 Series Coupe would do the trick”.


Keep an eye out for the next interview with a Drive South Africa team member!

Cheréne Pienaar

Cheréne Pienaar Title: Blog Contributor
Affiliation: Drive South Africa Blog

Born and bred in Bloemfontein, this Free state gal is an obsessive reader and hiker and loves discovering... all the time. As an e-marketing assistant and copywriter she believes social media is the future and plans to conquer Africa one word at a time.

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  1. Gravatar Christine Myeza says:

    hi there , i would love to meet Judd please can i get his email address or contact details

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  2. Gravatar Dalene Ingham-Brown says:

    Hi Christine

    Give us a call at Drive South Africa 021 423 6957, ask for Dalene and I’ll make sure you get into contact with Judd.


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  3. Gravatar Diane Moynihan says:

    My family and I are going to Vilanculos in Dec 2016, with our Terios and Challenger trailer. We know we need original vehicle registration docs for both at the border. However we do not have the log book for the trailer. We have the Document with all the details that comes with the license disc which is in our name with all vin number etc, and when we go to Ponta this is sufficient at the Mozambique Customs Border post. However I am not sure how strict the Naamcha border is coming thru Swaziland into Mozambique. A replacement logbook is R550 which is tight on the budget at the moment. Can anyone advise if this will be Ok to get through? Any assistance greatly appreciated.

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