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Best 4x4 Tours in Mozambique

Traversing the wild African continent cannot be more fun than with a 4x4 vehicle. Self-driving takes one to the farthest regions, to places and stages you may never have imagined experiencing, and 4x4 adventures take on a whole new light in Mozambique.

Mozambique is well known as a beach haven for holiday makers, from all walks of life. The 4x4 community is no exception. Drive South Africa takes a look at a couple of popular 4x4 destinations in and around Mozambique.

Southern Mozambique

One can enjoy an exciting 4x4 route that takes one to Maputo from the Kosi Bay border, situated in Kwa-Zula Natal, South Africa.

Southern Mozambique 4x4 trail
Photo By Roger Scott


4x4 drivers will enjoy travelling through the dune forest trails situated in Southern Mozambique

More info:
- 4x4 drivers will need a high clearance model vehicle, and the increased traction offered by a 4x4 is advisable.
- When travelling from Johannesburg, the route will pass through Ermelo, Jozini and Manguzi before reaching the Kosi Bay border. This usually takes approximately 7 hours.
- When travelling from Durban, the route will take one up North through Hluhluwe, Mbazwane and Manguzi to finally end up at the Kosi Bay border. This journey takes approximately 5 hours.

Xai Xai

This hospitable and enchanting Mozambique location is ideal for 4x4 aficionados. Many tourists flock to the pristine beach setting that is Xai Xai, often unaware that the best way to experience Xai Xai in its fullness if from the seat of a 4x4.

 Xai Xai 4x4 trail, Mozambique
Photo By David Rebocho


Check out the Boa Paz lighthouse, situated in Chidenguele, just North of Xai Xai. This 4x4 trail offers exquisite vistas, as one bounds along the the sandy route, passing two enchanting fresh water lakes along the way. A must for all adventure-loving-wild-at-heart 4x4 fanatics.

It is always best to do research before undertaking a 4x4 journey, as your desired destinations may be inaccessible during certain conditions. So, be sure to check in with the weather-man before hiring your 4x4 vehicle ( and embarking on your 4x4 adventure.

Mozambique 4x4 trails
Photo By Hannes Jansen van Rensburg

Also a good thing to do would be to consult a 4x4 forum to get hands-on advice and information from 4x4 enthusiasts.

Drive safe!

Planning a 4x4 trip and need to hire a 4x4 vehicle locally here are some popular options below;

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