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Africa’s True Name

Have you ever stopped to wonder: what is in a name?

If words’ sound power, and there is knowledge in power, then it stands to reason that by gaining knowledge of the origin and perceived meaning of a word, one surely garners more knowledge about that particular word; right?

Well, that is the stance I undertook when pondering the name of our beautifully majestic continent. The cradle of civilization; presently referred to as the continent of ‘Africa’ – but is this the name our ancestors of old used when referring to our motherland? Or have we as descendents of this magnificent continent not only been robbed of our inherent way of life (thanks to colonization) but been robbed of the knowledge of our motherlands’ true name too?

Mount Kilamanjaro, Africa (Alkebulan)
Photo By Joze Antonio Pascoalinho

My quest to answer these questions was not an ardious one (all thanks due to the wonders of technology and 'Google'!!) ...
I simply typed in the phrase: ‘Africa’s true name’; low and behold, my inherent feelings that this ‘Africa’ is not the true name of my beloved homeland struck!

Africa shape in rock formation
Photo By Giovanni

The name ‘Africa’ stems from the time when the Roman Empire took occupation of the majority of the continent. As is the practice in these type war times, the “Romans sought to completely disconnect the indigenous Africans with their culture, deities, and knowledge. This could only be successfully done by renaming the all archetypical icons, thereby disconnecting the significance, meaning, and sacredness from any specific archetype."

Africa vision
Photo By sabin-boykinov

Read more about the Greek and Roman influence on Africa's etymology.

As I stumbled across quite a few forums and discussions about this very matter, it became clear that there is a very present and real debate on the go about the origin of our continent’s name, and what I found is that our motherland’s true name is: Alkebulan.

Shape of Africa (Alkebulan)
Photo By Dariusz Klimczak

According to the following resource: Kemetic History of Afrika; the definition of Alkebulan is as follows:
“The ancient name of Africa was Alkebulan.
Alkebu-lan "mother of mankind" or "garden of eden".
Alkebulan is the oldest and the only word of indigenous origin. It was used by the Moors, Nubians, Numidians, Khart-Haddans (Carthagenians), and Ethiopians.
Africa, the current misnomer adopted by almost everyone today , was given to this continent by the ancient Greeks and Romans. "

Alkebulan (Africa)
Photo By Marco Escobedo

Perhaps in line with this new found knowledge, we should boldly go forward as ‘Alkebulanites’; true and sincere, moving to the beat of our own ancient drums.

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16 Responses on this page.Add your own

  1. Gravatar Oscar williams says:

    At one time the earth was one land mass, and later split into different regions. You can look that up in history.Man migration into different Lands also gave in to the formation of different Languages. The color of skin and hair texture was for survival purposes not good looks. Can you imagine what happen to the body in 300 degree heat? Now here come dark skin, protect from heat and hair like wool to protect the brain. This why man became cave dwellers also for protection from heat and cold.  Now the white woman have the Africa genetic code,not all White men, and you don’t need to be a genius from Harvard to figured this out. There is more to the history of man
    beside The Slave Trade which is a small part of the history books no matter who wrote them.  Africa, no matter what name
    you place on it have 2200 different dialects, More than Europe,More Than North America,More than South America, More than Russia, or any place on this planet.
    Keep studying and you will find also The Moor did not called themselves Moors, this what outsider called them,and they were Blacks and Whites among them. The term Ethiopian means burnt face a Greek Roman term. 
    They were Cushite a term you don’t have in some dictionary.

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    1. Gravatar RC says:

      i want to learn the truth. Can you help, with direction please?  Books, documentaries, and how to pull the blind folds off most Black Americans eyes?

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  2. Gravatar Erv Jones says:

    I am surprized to see some people are starting to ask some of the right questions. It is clear to me that the Written Word of YHWH focuses around a people of “African” descent. Thus most of the answers one will find in the Bible+prayer. Christianity has done more damage to my understanding of history but in a big way has prepared the way I am moving now. Thus the day I stopped being a Christian was the day became a better Christian. Now I believe dat the message Yahushua came to deliver was not salvation by believing but salvation by following the Torah and loving my fellow human as HE has loved me. Shalom

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  3. Gravatar Yhwh'sDaughterofZion says:

    The scriptures teaches us that our enemies will erase names and name things and places after themselves. To csuse his people to err. The most High also tell us that his people perish from the lack of knowledge. What is knowledge? KNOWLEDGE IS THE TRUTH. truth about who we are, where we came from and who we are commanded to worship and spiritual laes we must abide by as his chosen people.

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  4. Gravatar Yhwh'sDaughterofZion says:

    My apologies, I just read the comment on religious views being posted. So while that post will be deleted, i wanted to post a more appropriate one for the forum. Scientist tell us that all humans came from one one mans d.n.a. which was discovered was a so called alkeuban man. Originating from alkebuban. all of the land in every country is not its original name. It is imperative to read and seek wisdom and knowledge in order to gain understanding of ones true identity and purpose in life.

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  5. Gravatar Tyler Anthony says:

    That name is the Arabic name. It is not the ‘original’ name of that continent, and like most continents there probably is no original name. The people of a continent generally do not name it because they really do not realize they are on a ‘continent’

    They will name a town/city/village or the land with which they live on will be named after them ie Land of the Mayan

    Europe wasn’t alwaqys Europe. It technically was a little island in the Mediterranean.
    Until then the people saw themselves as whatever country ethnic regional dilect they expressed

    THe same goes with all other countries/continents.
    The naming of continents really didn’t happen until a large part of the world was explored. And people began extensive travel.

    People within what we now call the continents, did not know they were even on a continent. They did not know how big the world was.

    What was Jamaica originally called when only the Arawak natives inhabited the islands?

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    1. Gravatar Tom says:

      I like your thinking Tyler, it’s more than just political and religious passion. it makes a lot of sense. it is logical.

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    2. Gravatar Thabo says:

      I beg to differ, we in my home language isiZulu have the name Izwekazi to describe a continent, then Izwe to describe a country, Idolobha to describe a city therefore you cant use you statement as any type of argument to the name being false. We were Kings,queens,scientists,astronomer,scholars,Warriors,architects, geologists, civilisations way before.

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  6. Gravatar delight says:

    Wow great

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  7. Gravatar Heather Clark says:

    Beautiful!! Thank you so much for posting.

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  8. Gravatar Allan says:


    We should realize that there was a global civilization who may have named land-masses (that may be lost from us at present).

    Thanks for everyone’s posts, much appreciated.

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  9. Gravatar Mxolisi Mabuya says:

    Very enlighting

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  10. Gravatar Willene Sprinkles Lewis says:

    Clarity, well said, thank you!

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  11. Gravatar Menfeskedus says:

    Goa etumedisa to see people debating about such things,Behold people will know the truth

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  12. Gravatar Reginald Reddick says:

    When and what race were the romand empire when the occupied ALKEBULAN or africa. This has been on my mind 4 a very long time

    Reply to this comment
  13. Gravatar Reginald Reddick says:

    When and what race were the romand empire when the occupied ALKEBULAN or africa. This has been on my mind 4 a very long time

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