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A Tourist’s Guide to Soweto

Soweto has had an infamous history which played a huge role in the liberation of the South African people.

First established in 1904 as townships, the name Soweto referred to those townships in the south-west region and was first used in 1963. Soweto jumped to prominence to the world’s eyes in the 1980’s when the apartheid government relocated black South Africans to these townships.

Today, Soweto stands tall as a place that keeps the memories of a people who fought for their rights alive. It has changed greatly from the shanty stricken township of the past to a developed area which proudly displays its history and welcomes visitors.

A Tourist’s Guide to Soweto

Five Winter Getaways to visit in the Eastern Cape

It's tough to get out this winter, we're aware, but when you get enough of the couch, make a plan and get to the Eastern Cape for a family getaway like no other. Just make sure you have reliable wheels, if not, car hire South Africa is affordable. 

Five Winter Getaways to visit in the Eastern Cape

Five reasons why you should explore the Panorama Route

One of South Africa’s most beautiful paths, the Panorama Route runs through the Mpumalanga highlands and the north-eastern section of the Great Drakensberg Escarpment.

It is also home for the world-popular Blyde River Canyon, the third largest canyon in the world. If you’re planning to visit South Africa, here are five great reasons why you should consider exploring the Panorama Route.

Five reasons why you should explore the Panorama Route

A traveller’s guide to Citrusdal

Citrusdal is a small town in the Olifants River Valley situated in the Western Cape province, South Africa. The population of the town is just about 5,000 people. It is located at the base of the lofty Cederberg mountains, at a distance of 160 kilometres from the Cape Town.

The town’s name is inspired by the widespread agriculture of citrus fruit farming in this region. The history of the town dates back to 1916 when it was established by the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church).

Citrusdal is a quiet little town, with many different enjoyable activities to be done. Here are few of the amazing things to do while you are in Citrusdal.

A traveller’s guide to Citrusdal

How to Spend the Perfect Weekend in Cape Town

From taking a ride up to a mountain, exploring a vibrant city or just relaxing on the beach, Cape Town offers you some of the greatest options to spend a perfect weekend.

How to Spend the Perfect Weekend in Cape Town

Five reasons why you should visit the Storms River

Located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa, Storms River is the one of the most adventurous small village in the country. If you love adventures and want to spend some of the most exciting days in your life, you should definitely visit this adventurous African town. The following are the top five reason why you should visit the Storms River.

Five reasons why you should visit the Storms River

Mpumalanga, a hiking enthusiasts dream

In Mpumalanga, adventure calls. What better way to bring out your adventure craving side, than taking an unforgettable hike, and experience a closeness to nature only present in the wild lands of Mpumalanga.

Known for its diverse and unique flora and fauna, as well as breathtaking and spectacular mountainous landscapes, natural water features, and inviting forest lands, Mpumalanga has some of the best-known hiking trails in South Africa.

Mpumalanga, a hiking enthusiasts dream

Best three camping spots in KwaZulu-Natal

There has to be something incredibly magical about camping that draws us automatically closer to the wilderness and the unexplored.

With the inviting sandy coastline the moment you step off your plane, the Drakensberg mountains on the horizon, there are numerous camping spots scattered near and far, that don't appear in glossy brochures, but offers an unforgettable experience.

Best three camping spots in KwaZulu-Natal

Four things to do in Pretoria this winter

Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa is a city famous for its iconic architecture and breathtaking Jacaranda trees. Many travellers would have the perception that South Africa is a warm place, temperate climates in certain parts of the country create this illusion.

Although Pretoria's weather is mild for visitors from Europe or America it can reach bitterley cold temperatures for South Africans.

If you’re planning on spending a few days in the Jacaranda City, here are four things to do in Pretoria this winter.

Four things to do in Pretoria this winter

Five tips for a successful skiing trip in South Africa

South Africa has very little comparisons with the Swiss Alps or Colorado in the United States of America (two iconic world destinations for skiing). The country doesn’t exactly pop onto snow enthusiast’s map as a destination to go skiing.

That said South Africa still has a small yet passionate skiing scene located in the various mountain areas of the country. SA only has one dedicated ski resort and another one just over the border in Lesotho - Afriski (a unique country located within the borders of South Africa). Many South Africans who wish to ski often have to do so at their own will, opting to find areas in the country for which to ski or snowboard uninhibited by civilization and ski lifts, having to either hike or take 4x4’s to remote areas in search of epic untouched powder. Here are five useful tips when planning a South African skiing adventure.

Five tips for a successful skiing trip in South Africa

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Teresa Huyzers Teresa loves to travel. Experiencing countless childhood road trips from the Southernmost tip of Africa to the lush tropics of Limpopo is where it all began. Even though a piece of her heart now lives in Florence, Italy, her love for Africa keeps her passion for travel and writing alive from her home in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Andre Cronje Andre is an eager traveller who enjoys writing reviews when he's not off enjoying African festivals or networking in the travel industry.

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Fiona Rossiter Fiona is a Capetonian blogger with a passion for all things beautiful and creative. Her inspirational lifestyle blog, Super Mom Blog, focuses on everything from fashion to motherhood. She has also started another project called “a beautiful life” in which she explores and shares her love of cooking and photography.

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Jacqueline Freer Jacqueline has a career background consisting of nightlife eventing and entertainment fused with hospitality then blending with branding and business and over the past few years focusing on digital media. Her personal passions include the arts, travel, food, film and photography. Please visit the Inrichmint Media Studio website.

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Ray Leathern SAGMJ’s Magazine Motoring Journalist of the year in 2011 and SAGMJ COTY Jury Member. Contributing to,, and Fleet Magazine. Published in the Mail & Guardian, Independent Newspapers, TopCar, GQ, TNA. Lover of anything automotive, lover of the open road. You can follow him on twitter @Ray_AutoCirca

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Joe Lategan Joe Lategan worked in the International tourism industry for more than 20 Years. During this period Joe's work entailed travelling through Southern Africa on a weekly basis and as far as the USA and was never far from his cameras or fishing rods. Today Joe is undoubtedly one of Southern Africa’s top fine art and wildlife photographers and run photographic workshops and fine art photography safaris for small groups. For more visit

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Stan Rogers
Stan Rogers Stan Rogers is a recently retired Australian. He and his wife, Marianne decided that they want to explore Africa and in 2012 they will be driving from Cape Town to Cairo with their Land Rover Defender called “Tin Can” .

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Dorette Marais
Dorette Marais Dorette Marais has a degree in journalism and a postgraduate degree in media. As a child she lived in the Kruger National Park, ran away to Spain for a gap year and dabbled with the idea academics before she braved the world of online media. After a couple of years working for publications like Pasella, Nuus24 and Beeld she decided to leave everything behind to fulfil a lifelong dream of travelling Africa for an extended period of time. This journey will also be her honeymoon, a recipe for interesting stories and events.

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Corlia Goosen
Corlia Goosen Corlia Goosen is an avid traveller and foodie. She exchanged the media industry for the dynamic world of tourism. The marriage of the online world and her love for travel fits her like a glove and her diverse work environment ensures that she’s got a fresh outlook on things.

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Dalene Ingham-Brown
Dalene Ingham-Brown Passionate about travel, social media and making lists, Dalene is on a mission to nurture her love for camping in South Africa.

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Cheréne Pienaar
Cheréne Pienaar Born and bred in Bloemfontein, this Free state gal is an obsessive reader and hiker and loves discovering... all the time. As an e-marketing assistant and copywriter she believes social media is the future and plans to conquer Africa one word at a time.

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Michael Hammond
Michael Hammond Michael Hammond is a photo-journalist based in Cape Town, providing images to various news publications. He is a nature lover and also an avid hiker. He regularly hosts photographic workshops around the country and earned his B-Tech Degree at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2008.

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George van der Westhuizen
George van der Westhuizen George is a South African that now lives in Tanzania. He is a professional hunter an also the owner of a fishing company ( in the Selous Game Reseve. He loves travelling to African countries and has been to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Botswana a few times. He has also travelled to Mexico, Australia and Canada in the past.

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Anne du Plooy
Anne du Plooy Anne du Plooy is a retired teacher and markets a teaching programme that keeps her occupied as she visits schools and present workshops to teachers. This gives her the opportunity to travel quite a lot and loves doing! And enables her to see the beauty in the created world. She currently lives in WILDERNESS, GEORGE after having lived in a number of other places in South Africa.

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Andre Van Kets
Andre Van Kets (Featured on the right in this photo) Andre's passion for exploration is complimented by his interest in integrating useful technology into the journey. From road trips to smart phone apps Andre's desire to bring innovative technological solutions to the industry will keep readers on the cutting edge of travel.

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Steve Conradie
Steve Conradie Some say he is more at home in the bush than beneath a ceiling, an observation easily attributed to the sheer amount of 4WD and safari experience Steve has accrued. Well versed in 4x4 lore and African off road travel, Steve's knowledge, insight and camp fire tales are a colourful addition to the DSA blog.

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