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Another one of our happy clients [Traveller Story by Joost Alferink]

Joost is our client from the Netherlands. We had a chat with him to tell us about his exciting journey in celebration of his 50th birthday with 11 of his friends. The trip was done by 6 4x4s, 5 of which were Drive South Africa rentals and one of their own. He was assisted by our rental consultant, who is also our 4x4 specialist, Trevor Everts. He traveled with 11 of friends from Cape Town to Kagga Kamma. From there they traveled to Upington, Twee Rivieren and then to Sendelingsdrift through Richtersveld, to Port Nolloth and back to Cape Town.

Sunset at Kagga Kamma campsite. What more to say? - Image by Jim Smith

In this interview, he not on only tells us about his trip; he also shares with us some of his best memories through the lens.

Drive South Africa: What inspired your trip to from Cape Town-Kagga Kamma-Upington-Twee Rivieren-Sendelingsdrift-Rigtersvel-Port Nolloth and back to Cape Town?
Joost: Turning 50 is something to remember, celebrate or forget. I chose to celebrate and travel with 11 friends through Africa for 6 days.

Drive South Africa: Out of the seven towns you visited, which one was your favourite?
Joost: Rigtersveld & Port Nolloth (and Middelpos, on the way from Kagga to Upington).

Drive South Africa:  Who did you travel with during your journey?
Joost: We were a group of 12 guys all in the age bracket of around 50, some with 4x4 experiences but most not.

The convoy of 6.5 fully equipped Nissans and one 'soberly equipped' Toyota Hilux in the back parked at a lunch stop on the R27 at Kenhardt - Image by Jim Smith

Drive South Africa: What are your most memorable moments during your journey?
Joost: Driving the C37 through southern Namibia and crossing the Orange River at Sendelingsdrift.

Drive South Africa: What was the least favourite thing about your trip?
Joost: Road works on the N7 on our way back to Cape Town and running out of diesel in one of the 4x4s in Namibia.

Drive South Africa: What’s the most important thing to take with you on a trip like this?
Joost: A roll of orange or colorful duct tape. Communication between the six cars was more difficult than expected. Being able to give signs of which direction what car or cars took is super important. Writing with a pen on colorful tape and tape it around a road-sign-post.

Drive South Africa: Please describe your trip to us in 3 words.
Joost: Opens the mind!

Drive South Africa: Would you go on this journey again in your life time?
Joost: Yes! Different group though, different directions.

Drive South Africa: Where would you like to go for your next holiday?
Joost: Nairobi, Kenya and Madagascar.

Drive South Africa: If you had to go on another dream holiday, which celebrity would you take with?
Joost: Beyoncé or Deon Meyer.

Drive South Africa: Please choose one favourite image and add a caption to it for us. 
Joost: Difficult, the campsite at Kagga Kamma turned out to be really photogenic. But the dusty roads of Namibia give more of the 4x4 feeling. The best is this one in Richtersveld.

D316 Namibia, the surreal emptiness ahead - Image by Jacques Poppe

Drive South Africa: Are you a professional photographer or is taking pictures, when you travel, your favourite past-time?
Joost: No, but a good selection of creative guys and some good cameras does the trick.

Here are more of Joost’s breath-taking pictures from his journey:

Joost convoy of 4x4s front capture - Image by Joost Alferink

Convoy of 4x4s captured from the back - Image by Joost Alferink 

Through Tangwa Karoo on the way to middelpos, gannaga pass - Image by Joost Alferink

Early morning crossing of the Orange River from Namibia to Sendelindrift - Image by Joost Alferink

Somewhere on the road in Namibia. The crossing of the D316 and the C37 - Image by Joost Alferink

A beautiful site of an erected tent on the 4x4 at Kagga Kamma Campsite - Image by Jacques Poppe

Kagga Kamma Campsite - Image by Jacques Poppe

Breakfast at Sendelingsdrift SAN-Park CamPsite early morning - Image by Jacques Poppe

Lush Campsite, Oranjerus, along the Orange River close to Upington - Image by Jacques Poppe

Anita Tavern in Port Nolloth - Image by Jim Smith

Richtersveld, taking pictures in one of the many dry river beds - Image by Jim Smith

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