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Zest Scooters Review

Zest Scooters opened its doors in 2005 as a specialist Cape Town scooter sales outlet. Their competitive edge is endeavoring to offer the best prices for scooters in Cape Town, simple and effective.

Zest Cape Town scooter outlet may not be located in the city centre, their retail outlet and workshop is situated at 190 Voortrekker Road, Maitland, but by saving on overheads, Zest Scooters is able to offer discounted prices on their scooters. At last check they were still the cheapest retailers of 125cc scooters, 150cc scooters and 300cc scooters in Cape Town.

Their scooters all come with a 2 year (40,000km) warranty – it’s infinitely more likely that you’ll hit 2 years before you clock up 40,000kms, but some folk like a challenge. There is also an option of an extended warranty.

Longer service intervals proposed by Zest means your bike is not serviced for the sake of it, but rather because, in their experience, this is the most appropriate time for a scooter to be serviced.

Zest Scooters stock a range of spare parts including brands outside the Zest umbrella; the flagship on Voortrekker Road also stocks a range of accessories from top boxes to gloves and motor cycle helmets. 

Services and repairs are done on Zest’s premises and they promise customer satisfaction, and seem to achieve this, if the Zest Scooter reviews are anything to go by. The company is proactive in dealing with mishaps or complaints, seeking to address and rectify any situation that delivers a less than favorable review on Zest Scooters.

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26 Responses on this page.Add your own

  1. Gravatar Maxine says:

    Very interesting points. Thanks!

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  2. Gravatar cherene-pienaar says:

    You’re welcome, Maxine!

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  3. Gravatar vanessa engelbrecht says:

    We bought the 300cc nice runner that’s when it acutely runs staight without cutting out we have had this bike not even 6mths and all we have is problems not a happy customer
    Cape town this was the worst R19 000 we have ever spent very disappointed

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  4. Gravatar james vos says:

    Zest Scooters are NO good.had a mate of mine buy a 300cc.had problems from day one.they tried repairing it,although it was brand new.To this day 28/09/2012.he still has no scooter.They claim they have NO money to pay him,nor a replacement scooter.Yet have his scooter advertised for R10000 on gumtree.Consumer law states all items purchased are elligble for reimbersment or replacement.I would NOT advise anyone to buy from them.if it were my scooter,they’d have been sued for inconvienance,repayment,finances lost due to them.All very well within our new legal system.

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  5. Gravatar Arnie Marais says:

    I am very thankful for your story regarding Zest and will get to the bottom by confronting the Owner in person. There has to be an explanation for your no-good posting, which I truly see as a concern - however I have checked out their workshop today (30/09/12) and stock on hand and conclude that there has to be a valid reason for this unexplained scenario -  I thereafter will return on this comment page with my findings and should I uncover facts either way to support your mandate of undertaking, I will insist that somehow a satisfactory solution is found as I am concerned that I may or may not follow your predicament, when were it not for you, I could very well change my mind. Having said that, I remind you that there is counter argument as always, three sided truths prevail here and the truth shall surface - my concern is why threaten as you have, whilst the Consumer Protection Act is perhaps where you ought to advise your mate on instead of crying foul about a possible inconsistent matter, you may or may not have experienced yourself and/or perhaps you could be in for a liable suit unjust to this brand, You desire as would be is obvious. I shall be willing to assist provided, I acquire the facts ASAP. Arnie 021-7888595. Should you accept - noting my undertaking is not in defence nor to defend - I need the reason for deciding to go Zest or stick to my AMG and let the hood down instead.

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  6. Gravatar dalene-ingham-brown says:

    I’m very interested to hear what happens about this matter. Thanks for the open commenting guys.

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  7. Gravatar Arnie says:

    Hi Dalene - They have not opened for today 08h30 2/10/12. Shall respond - ‘gee net tyd’, and yes there has to be an explanation one way or the other. Either way the trader will be given an opportunity to place his side of this coin, not only was Hansie guilty but he was man enough to shoulder the blame - so until you see comment please remain neutral as I am. Flogging others remains provocation - lets see where this goes. Regards.

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  8. Gravatar Arnie Marais. says:

    On a mission and as should be is to persever with this matter. The Owner has not returned my call although having been given my message by his staff member who has been upfront and truthfull in acknowledging this occurence with a tentetive and reasonable explaination of events, however the Owner must personally answer to this as is resonable to say the least and I concur , I refer;-  after a second call @ 01h30 - 02/10/12, as I am trusting, I am convinced I will receive a responce - IF NOT draw your conclusion as I to will most definately NOT subject to exposure of this nature. FYI - contact Wendy knowler on her email - , suffice to say that no one trading in this country (SA) is exempt from SA Law regardless of their nationality, wherher it is paying VAT or honouring the six month WARRANTY [ NOT GUARENTEE ] on all goods sold. REMINDING you that all goods NOW sold come with such WARRANTY. Regards. Arnie.

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  9. Gravatar Arnie Marais says:

    Dear All Concerned.

    Without prejudice as promised, if not for my own understanding of events to protect myself, I have communicated with Ryan, the Dealer Principal, at Zest scooter brand, and how decided I am after the other side of these slanderous reviews, (see above) given the fact that I have intention of purchasing one of their products.

    Vanessa Engelbrecht says!

    The other side of this particular case study presents a totally acceptable verdict on WARRANTY policy, where the dealer gave FULL refund, noting that this reviewer claims six months. I refer to - “This was the worst R19 000 we have ever spent. Very disappointed”

    Furthermore, after 1600 km recorded (WARRANTY 2 years - 40 000 km) this dealer also gave FULL reimbursement for the licence and registration.

    However, as I am able to accept most, I despise the fact that this particular reviewer discredits by way of implicating the Zest brand in its entirety, which invited further critic culminating in ‘I have a mate’ scenario of absolute RUBBISH.

    James Vos says - “To this day 28/09/2012 he still has no scooter”

    Well Sir, that is after 8 000 km recorded, a contingency plan known to the buyer is on record, and whilst there are various circumstances, I would personally suggest you get a new mate.

    Furthermore, an unconditional loan scooter agreement was later refused by (aka Stephen).

    However, I challenge you in the matter of financial concern, when this family owned brand has a stock holding of over R1 million on hand and has resolved the three WARRANTY claims respectfully with regard to the 300 cc scooters of which includes this client you refer to as your MATE. 

    Regarding your allegation of “Gumtree” - please provide details, whereas the understanding from my factual information is conclusive suffice, an agreement is in place (I refer to between aka Stephen & Dealer)  which prompts to say that this family business has gone beyond warranty to assure fair business in their above matter.

    Therefore, your advice is rejected on the grounds of contempt due to your absolute slandering of product, brand and dealer with NO knowledge of the actual facts, reminding you that in such cases of false representation, you Sir could face the law yourself, and I trust that’s when your truths will be uncovered.

    In closing, I invite the two complainants and the reviewer, me and D I- Brown to CHALLENGE me over a cup of Earl Grey Tea in the above matters, as I too, know beyond very well that these isolated issues as understood in our new legal system of South Africa shall be striking from the role.


    Arnie Marais

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  10. Gravatar Arnie Marais. says:

    This one is for the attention of the Zest Dealer Principal.

    Please be so kind to advise should there be any policy change to your promise in customer satisfaction, given that a WARRANTY   policy is available OR change the review web.

    I “Quote” from your website introduction as follows;-
    “Services and repairs are done on Zest’s premises and they promise customer satisfaction” Zest seem to achieve this, if the Zest Scooter reviews are anything to go by. The company is proactive in dealing with mishaps or complaints, seeking to address and rectify any situation that delivers a less than favorable review on Zest Scooters.

    An open reply would be appreciated.

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  11. Gravatar dalene-ingham-brown says:

    Hi Arnie

    You’ve taken a great interest in the bad Zest review. I’m wondering why. Is it because you’re in the market to buy a Zest scooter, or are you a lawyer scouring the web for injustice?

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  12. Gravatar Arnie Marais says:

    Hi Dalene.

    I truly do have my own interest at heart here, when yourself as this webs operator you said the following ;-

    “I’m very interested to hear what happens about this matter”.

    I guess you are looking after the interests of an associate as for your advising them of the despicable content the two reviewers logged after my becoming very concerned of possible ( NOT probable ) similarities of experience.

    Furthermore, I mentioned that, A) “There has to be an explanation for the no-good posting” B) Given the fact that I have intention of purchasing at Zest myself C) Flogging others publicly remains provocative, whereas the actual reasons are now defined very clearly.

    However, I remind you that no, I do not tout this form of rubbish, where tempestuous comment deserved public intervention and lambasting on my grounds of potential buyer vs correctness,  noting that these isolated occurrences [ three (3) vs eighteen (18) ] without the true facts, (in my opinion) are contained in the reverse of stated content by other. I would say ~ rather do extended homework than housework as is evident,  I refer to Mr J. Vos. 

    Therefore, as I’m on record as a potential purchaser, all should investigate with thoroughness as I am, before there is counter argument amounting to litigation (cost vs the ramifications) that could bankrupt their coffers.

    Mr. V. Engelbrecht-  FULL refund - NO case.
    Mr J. Vos - (aka Stephen) - client absconded - WHY?

    In closure, given any thought to perhaps getting all parties together over that cup of Earl Grey Tea, reminding you I don’t get discount for protecting my proposed financial investment.


    Arnie Marais

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  13. Gravatar Arnie Marais says:

    Hi Dalene

    This is the sort of content that I consider homework - which one is correct, when this is obvious, however confusing this could lead to an unwanted situation as for the above.

    NOTE: About Zest Bikes - by Cherene Pienaar on 30 September 2011 (see top of page review)

    “Scooters available with SA’s best warranty 3 year or 60 000 km”

    Alternatively there is this one on another web page that reads as follows;-

    “Their scooters all come with a 2 year (40 000 km) warranty, repairs, services and parts. 125cc, 150cc & 300cc scooters”

    VERY DANGEROUS !!!!!!!!

    I will however gather from logic that the error would now be rectified by Zest, before Consumer Protection Act protection is sought.

    Please advise the dealer because your interest is associated where mine remains as potencial to the brand Zest.


    Arnie Marais

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  14. Gravatar dalene-ingham-brown says:

    Hi Arnie

    It’s great that you’ve taken such an interest in Zest and the quality of their product and service! When I said that I was interested to hear what happens regarding the matter, I was referring to getting to hear both sides of the story, which you managed to take up and investigate on your own. Thank you.

    After receiving your first comment on this Zest Scooter Review page, on the morning of 2nd October, I immediately emailed Zest Scooters directly (email sent at 07:30 am) and informed them of this comment thread so that they would have the opportunity to respond on their own behalf. Unfortunately they haven’t taken up the opportunity as of yet.

    Zest Scooters isn’t an ‘associate’ of ours. In fact, we aren’t connected to one another in any of the services we offer. Drive South Africa is a car rental booking agent and doesn’t deal in the scooter trade or hiring service. Our blog posts and articles are centred around transport and travel themes, hence the review.

    We’re so glad that we are getting feedback from both positive and negative sides regarding Zest. Afterall, that is what ‘Web 2.0’ is all about.

    Regarding the ‘dangerous’ quote. Nowhere in the text did Cherene Pienaar state “Scooters available with SA’s best warranty 3 year or 60 000 km”. It is in the text however that “Their scooters all come with a 2 year (40 000 km) warranty, repairs, services and parts. 125cc, 150cc & 300cc scooters”, which is clearly stated on the Zest Scooters homepage:

    Your offer to meet over a cup of Earl Grey sounds lovely. Feel free to pop into our office in Cape Town for a lunch-time chat.

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  15. Gravatar Arnie Marais says:

    Hi Dalene

    Without prejudice, to argue will most certainly cost myself that Cuppa Tea, thanking you all the same when my invite seems to have been scrubbed in favor of a lunch-time date. No thanks! I remain under warranty ever since my bachelor RINGs/ KOP/ MOTOR submitted in 1988.

    Correction: My misrepresentation of content. Please accept my sincere apologies. The correct and conclusive content as follows:

    A) Scooters | 125cc 150cc 300c Scooters for Sale | Zest Bikes CURRENT. Scooters available with SA’s best warranty 3 year or 60 000 km. Repairs, services and parts. 125cc, 150cc & 300cc scooters.

    B) by Cherene-Pienaar on 30 September 2011.
    Their scooters all come with a 2 year (40,000 km) warranty.

    Correction: Apologies - Drive South Africa is an informant NOT associate. When no mention of a third party is apparent I am refering to Drive South Africa.

    I agree when this Dealer has the right to respond, or not to respond, however there is a valid explanation, and I fully agree on restraint (by the Dealer) for prejuris reasons, (I refer: Mr J.Vos - aka Stephen) when this purchaser has gone AWOL and/or MIA.   

    Furthermore, the negativity (by others) you refer to is down right slanderous, (in my opinion) whereas I did say that I am able to tolerate most this included content of misinformation is totally uncalled for and these two offenders posted prefabricated/defamatory dialog, when preferably I would caution with specific findings rather than amplify rubbish.

    In closing, they (whomever) are unable to hurt my person in any way whatsoever, whereas regardless of who I am or what I may or may not have gained in this matter, I need to remind any would-be client “DO YOUR HOMEWORK “. 


    Arnie Marais

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  16. Gravatar Arnie Marais says:

    Hi Dalene.

    WOW! I have taken the liberty to read the Motomia customer complaint reviews (there are 42 of them) and by golly am I astounded.

    Are all Cape Town scooter folk this belligerent - SJOE!

    However, having said that I do note that in every instant of complaint, every single entry of complaint receives feedback not only from the client service BUT from the Dealer Principal when matters get really out of hand.

    Even more creditable is the turn around in every instant by the complainant, which makes for great reading and is indeed very impressive. 

    In closing, I specifically note your comment “Unfortunately they (Zest) haven’t taken up the opportunity as of yet ” That could very well make all the difference.

    Enjoy your day!

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  17. Gravatar Ernest Lawson says:

    Afternoon, can you please assist. I bought a Zest 125 CC second hand in early July 2012. I drove for about 2 weeks and then the scooter started giving problems. It would not start and I would jump start it for a bit and then that also failed eventually. I took the scooter for a service(cost about R350) and they had advised that they could not find a problem. It then worked for about 2 weeks and then failed to start again. I called Zest and they advised that if I cannot get the scooter to the shop, they will charge me a pick up fee of R250.00, which I had advised that I am willing to pay. They look at the bike and found that the stator on the scooter had gone( total cost about R750). The scooter had not even reached 6000 kilometers then.Today I was busy driving and all of a sudden it cut out again and refused to start. I think that it may be the stator again. Do I have any grounds on this as it has not been 3 months yet. I could not use the warranty as a defence as the previous owner thought he would service it himself, therefore losing the warranty.

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  18. Gravatar Arnie Marais says:

    Hi Ernest.

    Übuntu is the way to go Sir, thus call Ryan (Dealer Principal @  021 511 9378) and (in my opinion)  only your parties are able to resolve this issue, where this specific content is related/ applicable.

    However, I note as follows;-

    a)  This is a second hand unit.
    b)  WARRANTY no longer applicable. (as stated)
    c)  Serviced scooter - GREAT - by whom, is the question and what were the instructions.

    FYI - break even with a scooter is at approx 24 000 km vs a car, ( as per stats) relevant to fair judgment of (as assumed) the financial outlay you have experienced to date vs any unpredictable transport of a used nature.

    Your humble plea of request is for attention Zest, therefore should they NOT reply (as understood from above) go to their offices and resolve this issue, “BLIKSEM” they wont I assure you, reminding you (young OR older) that by displaying respect in retaining your dignity is of extreme importance, (my style/modus) whereas, in this discussion (see 1 Oct above)  I arrive at two possible options, noting that my undertaking is not in defense nor to defend should you choose the latter.

    In closing, I trust that my approach (as reviewer) is treated/regarded as a reply, not forgetting that an obvious synopsis,  I refer;- (that they would have the opportunity to respond on their own behalf. Unfortunately they haven’t taken up the opportunity as of yet.) is apparent.

    Best regards.

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  19. Gravatar dalene-ingham-brown says:

    I received a response on Facebook from Zest Bikes after dropping them two emails and posting a notification on their Facebook page about the discussion that is happening here. On 4th October 2012 a Zest representative ensured me that they are aware of the page and they will respond as soon as possible.

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  20. Gravatar Arnie Marais says:

    Saw that Dalene, and yes they are great guys- experienced that myself - elsewhere is proactive - Sjoe ! I would go all the way for Dale (Dop & Chop) - after all he is in the market and he approached them so roll out the (barrel) red carpet - I’m convinced even I (no salesman talent) would clinch this deal with my eyes closed sipping a fruit juice - everyone to his own, but this sale is on a plate (MAHALA - vir nuit - 4 da taking) - make your name prouder “ZEST” - here is your opportunity.

    Best of luck boys.

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  21. Gravatar Ryan (Zest Scooters) says:

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks Arnie for taking the time to research this issue.

    As you are aware I have been dealing with the issue from the beginning yet chose to sort out the issue before I commented.

    Before these comments about the 300cc where posted I had a verbal agreement with the owner to sell the scooter for him.  The scooter in question is older than 1 year with over 9000km.

    The owner has now sent me a letter confirming the above and the matter is now settled.

    With regards to Ernest it is unfortunate that the scooter was serviced by someone else. Since his comment he has brought the scooter in to us and the issue was the coil was not connected to the spark plug hence the scooter stopped.

    Zest Bikes has a open communication channel and should anyone have any issues with a Zest Scooter they can contact me personally on 021 5119378. I will always listen to the customer and try to resolve any issue favourably as customer referrals is a big part of our business and I always like to keep people happy.

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  22. Gravatar Dalene Ingham-Brown says:

    It’s great to hear from Zest. Thanks Ryan! It speaks volumes for your brand that you have made an appearance in the comment thread.

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  23. Gravatar Arnie Marais says:

    Hi Ryan -  &  All Parties ( see below ).

    Thank you Ryan, your kind words are noted, however with respect “CUNI BONO ”  ( who benitits ) applies,  and in this instant the brand ” Zest ”  is the deserving party.

    A)  Common sense prevailed in all the above issues ( as ought to have been ) and the above dd. 25 OCT 2012 , is indicative of HOW to resolve all matters,
    I refer;- ”  there is counter argument as always “. NOTING - that this responce / approach is direct and within a reasonable time frame with resolve. ( also ) See;- “MOTOMIA” review as an example of proactive interaction.

    B)  The before and after, ( 300cc comment thread ) I refer;- specifically - me V. Ebgelbrecht,  is unsettling,  and in fairness timing is of the essence when there is a lack of responce beside my 5 cent comment of understanding. ( d.d ;-  Jan - Oct 2012 ) 

    C)  The RUBBISH (aka Stephen ) albeit for Mr. J. Vos, remains as you report,  subject closed.

    D)  I note with conspicuous absenteeism,  that the WARRANTY matter is not addressed in context with your GOOD WILL of keeping people happy. Is that WARRANTY two (2) yrs etc OR three (3) yrs etc.

    E) What transpired with Dale`s   Deal of Sale, I trust he/ she has been converted to a Zest “SCOOTERER”,  I refer;- your open communication channel.

    Other-  (Ernest ) 
    Be honest, a REASONABLE explaination along with a VERY VALID REASON is without doubt suffice in my opinion whereas the inclusive is absolutly convincing, when ” UBUNTU ” wins above ALL, reminding myself that a machiavellian approach has consequences with applied thought. Again ZEST takes ALL. 

    Other- (Dalene )
    Somehow you have discarded my GOOD WILL apology,  I accept madam, reminding yourself that this in itself speaks volumes, when ( I assume ) the core to your interests as understood remain.

    In closing,  lady JUSTICE is NO “SPEAR ”  unless a “SHARK is COILED” by other.   

    ZEST 3 Other 0. 
    ”  ZEST jou LEKKA ding ” 

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  24. Gravatar dalene-ingham-brown says:

    Thank you for your apology Arnie. It is much appreciated.

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  25. Gravatar Brian Erasmus says:

    I bought a brand new scooter from Zest in 2012 and have had BAD SERVICE to say the least. From my own experience I would advise people of colour to shop elsewhere.

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  26. Gravatar Dawn Meyer says:

    I have been repairing a zest only to be sent incorrect part so try contact them they closed down now what I am a pensioner with no excellerator cable and out of pocket

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