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Maui Motorhomes Windhoek City Centre

24 - 26 Nguni Street, Northern Industrial Area
Business Hours:
Monday - Friday : 08:00 - 17:00
Saturday - Saturday : 08:00 - 13:00

Key Drop Safe: No

Windhoek City Centre

The map of Windhoek indicates Maui Motorhomes's branch in Windhoek City Centre

Maui Motorhomes Windhoek City Centre - your Namibian adventure starting point

Windhoek – a brilliant place to get your Namibian adventure rolling. We can organise you the 4x4 or camper you’re looking to hire from Maui Motorhomes Windhoek City Centre so that you can venture off on your African holiday. We’ll find you the right vehicle at the right price with no extra booking fees. We take pride in that. Trust out Drive South Africa team and their destination and product knowledge to help you book the right vehicle for your collection from Maui Motorhomes Windhoek City Centre.

After you’ve picked up your vehicle, why not explore a bit of Windhoek before you head off on the rest of your Namibian adventure? Windhoek has a good supply of great historical monuments for you to explore whether you’re keen to drive from place to place in your Maui Motorhomes Windhoek City Centre pick up, or walk. It’s a great introduction to Namibia if you haven’t been to the area before. Go on – soak up a little of the local atmosphere.

On your Windhoek meander, a few historic highlights you should pencil into your itinerary should include the Station (a building that was created in 1911), Windhoek Castles, the Alte Feste (a really old fort from the times of war) and the local church landmark that’s been named a National Monument - the Christuskurke.

What’s next? Keen for a dose of local culture? How about the type you won’t find in the Windhoek Main Street? Why not take a tour of Katutura? It’s the nearby township. If you’re into that kind of thing then a guided tour won’t disappoint, after all, what’s a Namibian adventure without a taste of the area’s culture?

Maui Motorhomes Windhoek City Centre's reliable vehicles

The great thing about picking up your vehicle from Maui Motorhomes Windhoek City Centre is that you don’t have to worry about getting the keys to an unreliable vehicle. Kea has been a long-time supplier of Drive South Africa and we’re extremely happy with the vehicles in their fleet. Let us help you secure a vehicle you can trust for your journey of discovery through the dunes and plains of Namibia.

When you’re trying to enjoy a holiday, the most important thing is that you feel well-prepared to tackle the road ahead - at Drive South Africa we make sure you are. Enquire about your vehicle rental from Windhoek City Centre’s Maui Motorhomes depot today. We won’t disappoint.

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