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Link Policy

Drive South Africa welcomes all relevant and appropriate links to its website. Please let us know if you link to our website, we will link back to your website if your site is useful to Drive South Africa's end users.

Please review the following commonly asked questions and link policy guidelines before linking to a page on our website.

May I link to your website?

Yes. We encourage links to our website!

However, if we find your link to be inappropriate, or in violation with our link policy (as detailed below), we may ask you to remove the link.

Which pages on the Drive South Africa website should I link to?

You may link to our home page or to any "deep page" on our website.

We suggest you link to the most meaningful page on our website. E.g. If your website, article or blog post is about "4x4 trips through Namibia", then you should link to one of the pages on our website that is dedicated to that topic (e.g.

What links are acceptable?

Drive South Africa will accept the following links (amongst others) to its website:

  • Links from tourism / travel websites
  • Links from vehicle, car, 4x4, camper, adventure, driving websites
  • Links from personal blogs
  • Links from forums
  • Links from review sites
  • Links from news websites
  • Links from article directory websites
  • Links from Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social media websites

What links are not acceptable?

Drive South Africa accepts all links except for links from websites which contain inappropriate material - e.g.

  • Information regarding illegal activities
  • Pornography
  • Profanity
  • Hate speech
  • Websites with excessive negative commentary
  • Websites which exist purely for the purpose of publishing links (also know as "link farms")

May I use content from your website on another website?

We do not mind if people re-publish our content, provided you follow our content use guidelines.

3 Simple Steps to Linking to our Website

  • Link to an appropriate page on our website
  • Use some meaningful text in the anchor text of the link - e.g. "Read more about 4x4 safaris in Namibia" is better than "read more"
  • Tell us that you've created the link - we'd love to get to know you.
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