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About Discover Africa Group

Discover Africa Group is an online travel company that owns and operates some of Africa’s leading travel websites.
The travel and transport companies falling under the Discover Africa Group umbrella are:

Originally established in 2002 as Easy Tiger Tourism, the Discover Africa Group today is one of Africa’s foremost online travel companies, helping hundreds of people plan and book their African holidays.

The Discover Africa Group strives to provide concise, accurate and insightful travel information through its portfolio of companies to help you plan your trip, holiday or adventure to Africa. As a travel consortium, the Discover Africa Group is able to cover multiple aspects of African travel, benefiting from pooled knowledge and experience across all facets of our operation.

Our portfolio of niche travel websites allows you to plan and book memorable African travel experiences, guided by expert advice and informed opinions, whether you choose to unwind on the idyllic tropical beaches of Zanzibar, admire the architectural wonder of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, drive the South African Garden Route or embark on a Botswana 4x4 Safari, we make African holidays easy and accessible to everyone.

Individuals passionate about Africa populate the Discover Africa Group. Most of us are homegrown though we do have sporadic cultural influx from foreign intern student and one or two rowdy antipodean imports that we delicately school in celebration that is African life. Each member of the Discover Africa Group brings a unique perspective to the team, fresh ideas and their own particular blend of travel experience. We’re a well-travelled, well-rounded crew, if you’re looking for first hand African experience you’ve come to the right place.

 The Discover Africa Groupis also a registered member of SATSA (Southern Africa Tourism Services Association). This membership means that Drive South Africa, Discover Africa and OverlandingAfrica is bonded with third party indemnity cover. This is a financial guarantee that covers all monetary deposits lodged with the Discover Africa group before travels commence.


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