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Windhoek 4x4 Hire

Namibia is a true wilderness, the environment harsh and beautiful, and the terrain rugged and rewarding, few places necessitate a 4wd vehicle more. In the centre of this wild land sits Windhoek, the capital of Namibia and a major entry and exit port to this country. Windhoek 4x4 rental equips adventurers to explore in all directions from the capital city . To the north lie magnificent game parks, including the renowned Etosha Pan. To the West lies the town of Swakopmund, fishing villages and the shipwrecks pickling the skeleton coast. Heading south one will discover the Namib Desert and the undulating dunes that make so many treasured photographs. A trip east will take you into the Kalahari and across Botswana’s border. Namibia’s scope for adventure is staggering, and while some of it is possible in a 2wd vehicle, a 4x4 rental from Windhoek will immensely expand your travel options.

Experience Africa with 4x4 Airport Rental

Namibia 4x4 off-road adventure presents a broad scope of technically challenging terrain and while navigable to most skill levels, a 4 x 4 driver wanting to test his or her ability will find plenty of opportunities. Drive South Africa has a cost effective and reliable Windhoek 4x4 rental to make your Namibia holiday an unforgettable experience.

Access Southern Africa and East Africa by 4x4 Hire

We’ve been equipping intrepid adventurers with powerful 4wd hire cars since 2002, our wealth of industry knowledge and hands on 4x4 off-road experience coupled with a highly skilled team of consultants present you with a robust 4x4 rental package, setting your mind at ease so you can thoroughly enjoy your African vacation. We specialise in Windhoek 4x4 hire, offering 4wd advice, fully equipped 4x4 rental vehicles and self-drive wildlife safaris.

Through our established network of Windhoek 4x4 rental affiliates we offer a broad range of 4x4 car rental, multiple collection points and drop-off locations in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. Although Windhoek and Windhoek Airport 4x4 hire are our most popular collection points in Namibia, we can deliver a 4x4 rental car to any destination in Southern, or East Africa. Similarly we cater for one-way 4x4 rental clients who wish to begin their journey in Windhoek, but return the vehicle in another location, or country. Our consultants can advise you on the fees and charges associated with 4WD vehicle deliveries and one-way 4x4 hire.
Drive South Africa has three main hubs for Southern Africa 4x4 hire:

  • Botswana 4x4
  • Namibia 4x4
  • South Africa 4x4

We permit 4x4 rental cars to be driven across borders into all Southern Africa and East Africa countries, please confirm your desired route with our consultants as some countries like Kenya and Tanzania may require additional documentation.

Windhoek 4x4 Hire

[Photo by: Mallix]

Fully Equipped 4x4 Hire

As many of our customers arrive from oversea, or do not possess their own safari gear, Drive South Africa offers fully equipped 4x4 hire, providing a complete inventory of basic gear and 4x4 accessories for camping, 4x4 trails and off-road safaris. Our camping and safari equipment page contains full details of the gear provided in a fully equipped 4x4 rental.

4wd Insurance

Drive South Africa Windhoek 4x4 rental cars have several insurance cover options, these options extend to cover fully equipped 4x4s when applicable:

  • Standard Cover Insurance
  • Medium Cover Insurance
  • Super Cover Insurance
  • Zero Insurance Excess

Our Windhoek 4x4 hire vehicles are provided through trusted affiliates operating in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, providing a broad range of vehicle. Please see our Windhoek 4x4 rental car page for details of the 4-wheel-drive vehicles we supply.

Windhoek 4x4 Hire Online Booking

Drive South Africa's online 4x4 car hire booking system provides a quick, safe and easy online reservation service along with the option of comparing prices of 4x4 hire, and obtaining online quotes so you can find the best value for money and source cheap 4x4 hire.

We look forward to providing you with the perfect 4 x 4 hire car to meet your needs and carry across the magical landscapes of real Africa.

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Related FAQ's

What happens on a game drive?

Game drives are an integral part of any safari. You’ll head out into the wilderness with your trained and knowledgeable guide in one of our specialised vehicles. We have both closed and open-sided vehicles, so everyone is guaranteed a window seat for the best view of the action.

How do I change my wheel on a 4x4 vehicle?

Firstly, you must try and get your vehicle as level as possible. However, once you get your vehicle levelled - place steady rocks around the other three wheels. After that, ensure that the car won't roll or move while you’re changing the tyres. Once you’re done - you may remove the spare wheel.

Before jacking, ensure that you have a nice and securing jacking point underneath the axle. Once you’ve raised the vehicle sufficiently, you may remove the remaining wheel nuts as well as the wheel - and replace it with the spare wheel. Note, It's important to tighten them alternatively, so every second nut can swing across nicely. To know more about changing a wheel on a 4x4 vehicle, watch this video clip -

Can money be deposited into the company’s bank account?

Yes, money can be deposited into the company’s bank account.

Can I cross rivers with a 4x4 vehicle?

Crossing through water with a 4x4 vehicle should be done with care. A general rule of thumb is to not try to cross any water source that is deeper than half the wheel.

When crossing a river, always take a look at the terrain around you and walk in the river  before trying to cross it. If you can’t walk or stand in the river, find a different place to cross. Drowning a 4x4 is negligence, and won’t be covered by your vehicle insurance.

When is the best time to visit the Karoo National Park?

The Karoo National Park is best visited during late winter, spring and autumn, as the summer months can be uncomfortably warm.

Popular Windhoek 4x4 Hire Locations
Rental Options in Windhoek
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