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4x4 Hire Maun, Botswana

About Maun and your 4x4 hire

This is the fifth largest city in Botswana and is also widely considered to be the tourism hub of the country hence this is where many of the tour operators make their base for those wishing to see worthwhile areas in the vicinity most notably The Okavango Delta. 4x4 hire Maun from this part of Botswana is easy as 1, 2, and 3. In doing this you will get to explore all the rugged nature that this leading safari nation is famous for. 

Drive South Africa are here to assist you in any way possible just get on the phone or fill out the simple online booking form; it really is as easy as that. Alternatively you can also send an email and an eager sales representative is ready to make your ultimate 4x4 self drive experience a reality.

Best time to visit

It’s widely agreed that visiting the town of Maun is best during the winter month which are from May to October; the cool and dry conditions are optimal for 4x4 adventuring during this time. However make provisions for cold evenings and mornings. November until April may become a little too hot for comfort and most of the country receives its rainfall from December and February and obviously this will affect certain areas so have a chat to your consultant when hiring a 4x4 in Maun as depending on the areas and time you visit it might be worth looking at alternatives.

Around the area

Botswana is all about reconnecting with nature and the town of Maun really is no different. Many of the top attractions in the city are geared around this from the Maun Environmental Education Centre, to the Nhabe Museum which is an iconic colonial style building. Other attractions not far from the centre of the city or in the city itself include the crocodile farm and ostrich farm respectively which give international visitors a chance to learn about the area and get an up close and personal experience with these two iconic African animals. The bottom line is that 4x4 hire Maun is a gateway to the rest of Botswana's 4x4 adventures

Maun 4x4 Hire - Botswana

Photo by Sunsafarisf4x4

Getting around

There are so many great places close to Maun that you will want to see and explore them all. Hiring a 4x4 in Maun is really the only option when you want to travel outside the city.  This also gives one the option of going off road and if you have a tent, it’s also broadens your scope and camping is something that can be introduced into your itinerary. 

Length of stay

Since Maun is widely considered to be a frontier town 1 week should be enough time to experience it, since most of your exploring will be in other destinations close by most notably the Okavango Delta, which is widely considered to be a natural wonder of the world. That said it certainly is an up and coming place and with the rise in tourism also has come a rise in things to do and places to stay at, you may just want to extend your stay based on this.

What to pack

Make sure you don’t forget any of the necessary paperwork as some of the lodges you will be visiting won’t be close to urban areas, make spare copies of your documents. Some sort of waterproof clothing especially for The Okavango Delta region. Unfortunately Botswana is a malaria zone so malaria medication and a strong repellent are advisable. If game drives is one of your main focuses then make sure you pack neutral clothing that won’t expose you to animals. Make sure you pack a few warm items as well as items for the warm weather as conditions will vary especially if you are going on early morning or night time safaris. Other worthwhile items on any safari include a camera, binoculars and plenty of spare batteries and memory cards. If you hire a camper or 4x4 in Botswana with us you woul generally have the option of going for an equipped vehicle. These 4x4's have pretty much everything you might need for the 4x4 Botswana adventure you've been looking for.

Where to stay

Accommodation around River Maun

Many of the accommodation options in Maun is geared around the activity of the river for which it’s extremely close to the town, so many of the lodges and bush camps will be found in this location if you wish to be close to nature.

Centre of Maun

Since Maun is a tourism hub there really is no shortage of accommodation which is geared around suiting all types of traveler from the discerning older exploring who needs a little more comfort out of their experience or the new younger backpacker who is choosing his accommodation around saving money Maun really has it all when it comes to accommodation.

Why hire your 4x4 in Maun with Drive South Africa?

You’ve made it all the way to Botswana now it’s time to really experience everything that’s on offer. Since Botswana’s infrastructure is still developing many of the roads aren’t up to scratch plus you are going to want to explore all the amazing places that can’t be accessed unless you have a 4x4. With Drive South Africa it really is very easy to achieve this, just get in contact with one of the highly skilled sales representatives and get out there on the roads, exploring one of Africa’s best safari destinations.

If you want to experience a lively part of Botswana, Maun is the town for you. Not only is this town one of the busiest centres in the country, it brings the best of both worlds with a rural atmosphere and local tribesmen still bring their cattle to sell as well as modern shopping malls within arms reach. It is, however, the rural part that the adventurous tourist must experience. Over the last few years Maun has developed rapidly from a rural frontier town and has spread along the wide Thamalakane River. It now boasts good shopping centres, hotels and lodges as well as car and 4x4 hire. Maun is known for it's friendly people as well as for it's most awe-inspiring surroundings.

Maun offers the ideal 4x4 experience. Drive South Africa can make your 4x4 dream come true by offering 4x4 hire in Botswana. Hire a 4x4 in Maun, Botswana now. The best time to go is during the winter months from May to October when there is little or no rainfall and the days are warm and cloudless. Nights can be cold though, so take a jacket. November to April can be very hot, with most of the rainfall between December and February.

Satisfy the adventurer in you and hire a 4x4 in Maun at Drive South Africa. 4x4 hire in Botswana can be easily done. Take a few friends along and have the trip of your dreams.

We do not have 4x4 hire branches in Maun, but for a fee we can deliver to most locations in or near Maun. The rental can be delivered to all major airports, towns or hotels (fees may apply).

Use the form alongside if you'd like to enquire about 4x4 hire in Maun.

View all rental locations.

We do not have 4x4 hire branches in Maun, but for a fee we can deliver to most locations in or near Maun. The rental can be delivered to all major airports, towns or hotels (fees may apply).

Use the form alongside if you'd like to enquire about 4x4 hire in Maun.

View all rental locations.

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