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4x4 Hire Cape Town

About Cape Town and your 4x4 Hire

Cape Town aptly titled the mother city of South Africa really is an absolute visual treat for anyone wanting to explore rugged, untouched nature.  Although the city is blessed with world class roads, the nearby towns are not so blessed, however this makes it easy to get out there and explore the great outdoors with Drive South Africa.

Hiring a 4x4 is a breeze, just fill out the form below or contact one of our sales and travel experts today for concrete advice on the best way to experience the rugged outdoors of the Western Cape.

Best time to visit Cape Town

Cape Town winters can be quite cold and quite wet so camping during this time isn’t advisable unless you are wishing to escape the Western Cape summer crowds. 4x4 hire in Cape Town is simple as you'll be able to gain access to the vehicle within a half hour of landing at Cape Town international. Summers in Cape Town are far more favorable with long balmy days where you really can get the most out of your surroundings and the outdoors. This will be from the middle of September until the end of February.

Around the area

By far the most popular attraction to Cape Town is the famed Table Mountain and there are many hiking trails and 4x4 trails within close proximity or within the city itself. Hiring a 4x4 is optimal for those wanting to really get under the skin of the Western Cape and explore.

Cape Town 4x4 hire entails getting out of the city but from the CBD to the Overberg or Cedarberg mountains and the majestic wine farms of Tulbagh or Stellenbosch Cape Town and Western Cape really is a mecca for 4x4 enthusiasts.

Getting around

Aforementioned Cape Town is a world class city with world class roads so if you are planning on just travelling in and out of the city then hiring a 2 wheel vehicle will suffice.

However Cape Town and the Western Cape also has a lot out there to explore and you will really will only get a chance to immerse yourself in all the majestic beauty of the Western Cape if you hire a 4x4, with Drive South Africa this will definitely be a breeze so get out there and experience everything this magical city and province has to offer.

Cape Town 4x4 Rental

[Photo by: Ian Junor] 

Length of stay

3 weeks is a minimal time frame if you want to really get out there in the wilderness and see the wild Western Cape in its entirety. However there is a lot to take in and see not just in this part of the country but elsewhere, so it’s good to plan for the fact that you might want to extend your visit. It’s wise to look at the visa requirements before you leave and make allowances for visa extensions or longer tourist visas.

What to pack

Pack the necessary gear for the outdoors which could change drastically depending on what time of year you plan on travelling. Winters in Cape Town are cold and wet so one really needs to bear this in mind. In summer the days are hot and long, however there can also be a few cold fronts so also take this into consideration. If 4x4 hire Cape Town is your aim you will likely be going camping due to luggage restrictions on international flights and you might only be able to get camping equipment once you have arrived in the country, so do the research beforehand as equipment might not be reasily available.

Where to stay

The Karoo National Park

This grandiose national park is situated in the Nuweveld Mountain Range and has a great assortment of various animals and plant life and boasts no more than 2 excellent 4x4 trails. The area also has accommodation facilities available.


Roughly 30 minute from the CBD of Cape Town is the ruggedly beautiful Greyton area which is situated in the foothills of the Klein River Mountains the Glen Oak 4x4 trail is a must for the area and there are also a world of boutique hotels and guest houses to choose from in the area. Please remember to check when hiring a 4x4 in Cape Town that your vehicle is allowed on rougher trails. Some of our vehicles have soem restrictions.


The Cederberg area really does have a world of great 4x4 facilities on offer and many of these facilities will also offer accommodation.

Garden Route

The Garden Route really has a world of great places to explore and there really is no shortage of off road adventures just waiting to happen. From the picturesque Nature’s Valley to quaint small town charm the garden route really is one of the most scenic areas in an already spectacle country.

Why 4x4 hire in Cape Town with Drive South Africa?

Drive South Africa has equipped and rented 4wd vehicles to customers since 2002. Our acute industry knowledge and practical off-road experience gives you a comprehensive 4 x 4 rental service. Our team of trained consultants can answer any questions you may have, offering expert advice for your 4x4 holiday.

Our wide range of Cape Town 4wd rental vehicles are sourced through our established network of 4x4 rental affiliate companies. We offer multiple drop-off and collection locations throughout South Africa, including 4x4 hire Cape Town Airport making the collection and return of your 4 x 4 a convenient procedure. Drive South Africa provides a one-way car rental service as well as a 4x4 rental delivery service. We are able to deliver your 4wd vehicle to any country in Southern or East Africa putting a tremendous amount of flexibility into your holiday, have a chat to one of our trained consultants to discuss your options and the charges involved for one-way routes and delivery costs should you want to collect you vehicle outside one of our affiliate’s established branches.

Drive South Africa has three main hubs for Southern Africa 4x4 hire, these countries have multiple collection and drop off locations:

  • Botswana 4x4
  • Namibia 4x4
  • South Africa 4x4

We permit 4x4 rental cars to be taken into all Southern Africa and East Africa countries, some of these countries may require some additional documents to accompany the 4x4 hire car when crossing international borders. Our consultants are happy to advise you on what is necessary for your itinerary.

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We do not have 4x4 hire branches in Cape Town, but for a fee we can deliver to most locations in or near Cape Town. The rental can be delivered to all major airports, towns or hotels (fees may apply).

Use the form alongside if you'd like to enquire about 4x4 hire in Cape Town.

View all rental locations.

We do not have 4x4 hire branches in Cape Town, but for a fee we can deliver to most locations in or near Cape Town. The rental can be delivered to all major airports, towns or hotels (fees may apply).

Use the form alongside if you'd like to enquire about 4x4 hire in Cape Town.

View all rental locations.

Rental Options in Cape Town
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