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South African toll roads price list

Name Road Price Class 1 Price Class 2 Price Class 3 Price Class 4
Chapmans Peak M6 R23.00 R36.00 R142.00 R356.00
Huguenot N1 R30.00 R84.00 R131.00 R212.00
Verkeerdevlei N1 R43.00 R87.00 R131.00 R184.00
Vaal N1 R50.50 R95.00 R115.00 R153.00
Grasmere N1 R15.00 R46.00 R53.00 R70.00
Baobab N1 R33.50 R93.00 R128.00 R154.00
Pumulani N1 R9.00 R23.00 R27.00 R32.00
Kranskop N1 R33.50 R87.00 R117.00 R143.00
Carousel N1 R42.00 R114.00 R126.00 R145.00
Capricorn N1 R34.50 R97.00 R114.00 R142.00
Nyl N1 R44.00 R83.00 R100.00 R134.00
Dalpark N17 R8.50 R18.00 R24.00 R32.00
Gosforth N17 R9.50 R25.00 R28.00 R39.00
Mvoti N2 R10.00 R29.00 R39.00 R58.00
Oribi N2 R22.00 R40.00 R56.00 R90.00
Tsitsikama N2 R40.00 R102.00 R243.00 R343.00
Mtunzini N2 R35.00 R68.00 R81.00 R120.00
Mooi N3 R39.00 R96.00 R134.00 R182.00
Marianhill N3 R9.00 R17.00 R21.00 R32.00
Tugela N3 R56.00 R92.00 R145.00 R201.00
Wilge N3 R52.00 R90.00 R120.00 R170.00
De Hoek N3 R38.00 R59.00 R89.00 R129.00
Doornpoort N4 R11.50 R28.00 R33.00 R40.00
Brits N4 R11.50 R40.00 R43.00 R51.00
Swartruggens N4 R75.00 R187.00 R227.00 R267.00
Marikana N4 R17.00 R41.00 R46.00 R54.00
Quagga N4 R3.50 R6.50 R9.00 R12.00
Pelindaba N4 R4.50 R8.50 R12.00 R15.00
Diamond Hill N4 R29.00 R40.00 R75.00 R124.00
Middelburg N4 R47.00 R102.00 R155.00 R204.00
Nkomazi N4 R54.00 R109.00 R157.00 R227.00
Machado N4 R71.00 R196.00 R286.00 R408.00